Sunday yoga - Open Sivanada Yoga Class

dim. 28 octobre à 02:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

めぐろパーシモンホール / Meguro Persimmon Hall

Open class is suitable for everyone interested in Sivananda Yoga. However it is preferable to have some familiarity with Sivananda Yoga, such as having attended a Beginners class.

........................................................ About Sivananda Yoga

Sivananda Yoga was designed by Swami Vishnu devananda , a disciple of founder Swami Sivananda. シヴァナンダヨーガとは創始者スワミシヴァナンダ師の弟子、スワミヴィシュヌデバナンダ師によってデザインされたヨーガです。 This yoga practice is based on Hatha Yoga: Asana (physical posture) and Pranayama (Breathing exercise) are the main parts. このヨガの特徴: ハタヨガがベースになっていて、アーサナ(身体の運動)とプラナヤマ(呼吸法)が主体。 Yoga is a process and we can always improve our strength or flexibility. So don’t worry so much! Just come join us and enjoy! Look forward to seeing you there! 筋力や柔軟性は練習を続けるうちに身についてきます。ヨーガの経験があまりなくても、心配することなく、気軽ご参加ください。一緒に楽しみましょう! What To Bring 持参するもの

Please bring your yoga mat ヨガマットをご持参ください。 Recommended to wear comfortable clothes.

体を締め付けない伸縮性のある心地よいウェアがお勧めです。 COST: Donation - The suggested minimum donation is 1000 yen.


推奨されるドネーション最低金額は1000円です。 ■■ Cancellation policy: Please change status to "not going" AT LEAST 24 hours before an event you've reserved. After 3 missing classes without any reason or notice, you will be asked to leave this group . (I understand sometimes you have to change your plans on short notice for sickness or emergency. Please leave a comment or send a message in this case.)


めぐろパーシモンホール / Meguro Persimmon Hall

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