Enjoy a canoe and Autumn Leaves ( Nov. 23 or 18th) ♪♪カヌーに乗って湖の上から紅葉を楽しもう♪

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Saitama Prefecture

There are important things. Please be sure to read until the end !!

重要なことが書いてありますので、必ず最後まで読んで下さい。 The beautiful autumn leaves season in Japan will coming soon!

Let's go the lake near Tokyo in this autumn. And You can see a beautiful autumn mountain and eat the snacks and drink on a canoe. (If you drink too much you have to go the toilet anytime ~) Children can also operate canoes. So if you try a canoe first time, no problem!

Lunch time, we go back to the canoe factory to eat the lunch. and go to the canoe again! Let's enjoy the Japan autumn. 【MOST IMPORTANT !!】

The schedule changes according to the situation of autumn leaves. Nov.23(holiday) or 18th(Sun). I plan to finalize the schedule by around Nov. 10th. Please you check this page.Anyway If you want to go here, please RSVP first. And please wait until I decide the schedule. Please cancel those who are not convenient when the final schedule is decided. 【HOW TO MEET US】

November 23 Fri.(Holiday)or 18th Sun.

★Schedule will change according to the situation of autumn leaves Meeting : 09:00 at Hanno station North Exit(on Seibuikebukuro-titibu-Line)

*not Higashi-Hanno staition ○Please take the train " Seibuikebukuro-titibu-Line" (for Mitsumineguchi or Nagatoro) that leaves from Ikebukuro at 8:05am

○Please be on time, we take a bus from Hanno station. The buses are only "twice for one hour or LESS!" ・09:25 leave at Hanno station by bus

・10:06 arrive at Sawarabi-no-yu (we walk from here to Lake of Naguri about 30 minutes.)

・Let’s enjoy canoe ! Returen

14:00 leave at lake

17:00 arrive at Ikebukuro Station 【 Prepar - Important! 】

• Your own lunch. (There are not the restaurant or convenience store near Lake. There is only a drink vending machines. There is a convenience store at Hanno station. But you have no time so much to buy some foods. Please bring your lunch foods from your home.)

• Comfortable shoes (We must walk about 30 minutes)

• A towel and a rain coat (The weather of the mountain changes easily)

• Small cushion (The seat is a wood. You might feel your butt hurts during you sit. Cushion is so warm.

• Snacks and drink (you can eat it on the canoe)

• Warm clothes (on the lake!) 【COST】

● Bus fare: 620 yen x 2= 1240 yen (Hanno⇔SAWARABI-no-YU)

●Canoe Rental 1000~1300 yen(one day)*It depends on the number of people participating

●life Jackt 500 yen

● Meetup Dues: 500 yen 【Weather】

If it is rain or bad weather , this meetup will be canceled. I will update here 2 days before the event day. So please check on this page. 11月は日本の美しい紅葉の季節。この時期、どこに行っても混んでいる都心の公園を離れて、東京近郊の湖へ行きましょう!

カヌーから眺める紅葉は最高! カヌーの上で飲み物を飲んだりおやつを食べたりすることもできます。(あまり飲むとトイレが近くなりますが・・・)カヌーは子供でも乗れるので、初めての方でも大丈夫!

途中、カヌーを降りて工房内でランチタイム。そしてまたカヌーへ! ゆっくりたっぷり紅葉を楽しみましょう。 【重要!!】

日程は紅葉の状況で変更します。23日(祝)か18日(日)の予定です。11月10日頃までに最終日程を決める予定ですので、こちらのページをチェックして下さい。どちらかでも参加希望の場合は先にRSVPを押して日程が決まるまでお待ち下さい。最終日程が決まった時点で都合付かない方はキャンセルして下さい。 日程: 11月23日(祝)または 11月18日(日) 紅葉の状況で変わります。 集合: 飯能北口 階段上 9:00AM

◎ 飯能駅までは西武池袋・秩父線(三峰口行または長瀞行) 池袋発08:05快速急行が一番便利です。

飯能駅発 09:25 国際興行バス 飯01-2 (次のバスは30分後です!集合時間に遅れないで下さい)

さわらびの湯着 10:06 ここから坂道を歩きます(上り約30分)

名栗湖カヌー工房着 カヌーを楽しみましょう。(途中ランチタイム) <帰りの予定:逆ルートです>

カヌー工房発 14:00頃

西武池袋駅着 17:00頃 <料金>

バス(飯能駅⇔さわらびの湯 620円x2=1,240円

カヌーレンタル 1,000~1,300円/1日 (参加人数によって違います)

ライフジャケット 500円

Meetup維持費:500円 <持ち物>






○暖かい服装(水の上です!!) <天候>


Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Lets-talk-and-have-fun-over-the-age-of-40-sometime/events/255423380/

Saitama Prefecture

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