How to apply NLP techniques to empower yourself and others

mar. 30 octobre à 19:00

Century Center Offices - 4th floor

“NLP is empowering. It empowers us from deep within to dream through the desired outcome- prosperity- and proceed towards it straight, as winners do.” Our 4th Meetup is in collaboration with ArmenTekort, This inspiring organisation uses NLP as a tool in the fight against poverty. This meetup will be a stunning practical example of how NLP can change your own life, and how you can use NLP to empower others! Do you want to learn NLP techniques to improve your private life and to empower others? On Tuesday October 30th at 19:30, our next meetup will take place. This time we’ll discover how NLP is used in the field of social work.

Theo Vaes (Co-Founder of ArmenTeKort) and Mireille Peeters (NLP Coach) will tell us about how volunteers within a buddy-system use tools like NLP to get people out of disadvantaged situations in Antwerp.

ArmenTeKort offers a free training consisting of workshops from several empowerment experts (corporate coaches, professionals) and presents you with the opportunity to practise what you’ve learned by building a relationship with a buddy to regain their buddy’s self-esteem. In the course ‘Master in Empowerment’ you learn how to:

  1. Stimulate your own resilience and that of others

  2. Communicate in a connected way and build confidence

  3. Improve your relationship with your buddy, co-workers, children and spouse.

Theo and Mireille will tell us all about their empowerment training, the buddy-system and how Neuro Linguistic Programming plays its part in it.

No NLP experience required, so everybody is welcome.

The event is free of charge.

Curious about what ArmenTeKort does exactly? Join us on October 30th for an inspirational evening! Can’t wait? Check out:

• The Panorama episode on ArmenTekort:

• The Kanaal Z interview with Theo Vaes:

• Their website

• Their socials:

o Facebook -

o Twitter - Where?

Century Center Offices, De Keyserlei 58, 4th floor in Antwerp (not the entrance of the shoppingcenter and the Mediamarkt but one door further direction Central Station) When?

Tuesday October 30th

Welcome at 19:00

Start session at 19:30 Let me know if you’ll be there :)

See you all soon!


Century Center Offices - 4th floor

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