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😬 You are trying to speak out at a meeting but no one hears you?

😬 You are delivering a presentation but no one pays attention playing with their phones and staring at computers?

😬 You are constantly interrupted by your colleagues? Time to change this! 2 POWERFUL SPEAKERS are going to provide you with tactics to unleash your HIDDEN POWER: 🔥 Sarah Cleys

Professional voice artist and audio enthusiast. I personally know Sarah. When she enters a room and starts talking, people freeze and listen. This doesn't happen by chance, simply put, Sarah trained her voice to be powerful and engaging...and she will share this knowledge with you...Btw, she also does professional voice-overs for ads, so she is truly professional about voice management. What you will learn: ✅ an introduction into the science of voice perception

✅ tips on how to change your voice to have more impact

✅ and some concrete exercises to start improving right away TAAA-DAAAAH...SURPRISE! Our next speaker shared stages with Brian Tracey, Jairek Robbins, and hosted preview sessions for Anthony Robbins’ famous program "Unleash The Power Within". 🔥 René Deceuninck

Master in Body Language, Motivational Speaker, Coach and Trainer, runs an exclusive international company. Since 1995, René has been delivering enriching insights and results-oriented outcomes to his clients. His seminars, keynotes and trainings around the world are changing businesses with amazing levels of positive increase. His clients are empowered with their new skills to read thoughts before one word is spoken, in meetings, in sales and in everyday situations. As a result of this competitive edge, they optimize their performance,

both personally & professionally as “Full Body Language Experts”. Content: ✅ Discover what others think or feel without saying a word.

✅ How do you know that someone has a genuine interest in what you say, just by looking at his/her face and what does the handshake tell you?

✅ Did you know you have 3 seconds to make a first impression? It will serve as a basis for a future conversation.

✅ Discover various tips and secrets how Body Language instantly can improve your business and relationships effectiveness.

✅ How do you respect the right distance and attitude in communication to make an optimal conversation and how and where do you sit to ensure a good communication?

✅ How do you recognize somebody is interested, anxious, attentive or excited

✅ Discover the do’s and dont’s during a conversation and why.

✅ What gestures do you discover, what do they mean?

✅ How do you know if someone tells or lies the truth?

✅ Discover how to read Body Language and stay focused during a conversation. This will be an entertaining talk with some real great tips for you to go away with. Tickets: Event in cooperation with KBC Startit Brussels

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