River Forest Photo Shooting 渓谷公園でのボディペイントモデル撮影会

sam. 10 novembre à 05:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Nishiya station

[English / 日本語は下] We'll have photo shooting down to the natural river forest in Yokohama with bodypainting model!

Being located in the center of Yokohama, but very hidden, this forest has beautiful river stream as above photo. It is an exciting place for photo shooting!

The model is Japanese who has very oriental look.

She is going to wear some Kimono-ish costume, fur, and some bodypinting. ※This is a collaborative event with another meetup group "Bodypainting photography." Some photographers will join from there,too. Early booking is recommended due to the limited number of participants. ●Model : Ibuki

Japanese contemporary dancer ●Date : November 10 (Sat) 1PM-4:30PM (including some breaks for model) ●Venue : Natural river forest park in Yokohama

Please come to Nishiya (西谷) station at 1PM. Nishiya station is in Sotetsu (相鉄) line, 12 min from Yokohama station.

Then we'll take taxi in for 10 min to get to the natural river forest park.

Please come in time! ●what to bring

Bring your camera, iPhone or any other devices to take photo as well as your lights and soft box if you have.

Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes (water resistant is better) and small towel in case you get wet by the river. The park is not so big, and most of the road is easy to walk, so heavy equipment is not needed. If you get lost or have any trouble, please contact me via facebook or via meetup message. Below is my official account.

https://www.facebook.com/tokyobodypaint/ ●Fee : 10,000 yen (Ichiman yen)

This event is for small number of people. The number of participants is limited so that each of photographer can suggest posing to model and take photo from the best angle. You can come and leave at any time in the opening time once you RSVP. But please be 100% sure of your RSVP since we’ll book place and pay for model. Cancellation with out message or within 5 days before the event is not appreciated.

We need minimum 3 photographers to do this event. In case we don't have enough participants, the event will be postponed.(to be announced) *First timer will be asked to sign up for a simple agreement of photo shooting.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me! ボディペイントしたモデルさんと、渓谷公園で撮影会を行います。オリエンタルな容姿と、表現力をいかした踊るようなポージングが期待できます! 日時:11月10日(日曜) 1時~4時半(移動とモデルの休憩適宜含む) 場所:相鉄線の「西谷」駅で待ち合わせします。そこからみんなでタクシーで10分ほどの公園入口まで移動します。時間通りにおこしくださいね!


https://www.facebook.com/tokyobodypaint/ 持ち物:カメラ機材、安全な靴(渓谷といっても小さく道路は舗装されているので、重装備はいりません。スニーカーで十分ですが、できれば防水のほうが安心です)濡れたときのための小さいタオルなど。 参加費:10,000円 (一万円) 人数制限:ご参加表明の際はスケジュールをご確認ください。モデルがスケジュールをおさえていますため、イベント日から5日未満のキャンセルの場合はご遠慮ください。連絡なしの不参加ももちろんご遠慮ください・・(3回以上あった場合はグループを退出となります。)

また、最少催行人数3名があつまらない場合、イベントは中止となります。 より楽しい撮影のためにご自分の愛用のライトやソフトボックスをお持ちいただいたほうが良いと思います。ご不明点はオーガナイザ―まで気軽にご質問ください。 ※はじめてご参加の方には簡単な同意書がございますのでサインをお願いします。

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/tokyointernationalphotographyclubmeetup/events/255415832/

Nishiya station

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