Osechi ryori, new year's speciality in vegan style

dim. 16 décembre à 02:30

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Osechi ryori, new year's speciality in vegan style You will learn the way of making Ozoni with rice cake Mochi and typical dishes ; vinegared salad, vegetable simmering, caramelized vegetable...

Each dish has a special meaning related to "welcome the happy & healthy new year".

These dishes are also thought for keeping for a while in order not to cook during the first few days of the new year.

*All vegan. By Akemi & Satsuki, authors of [Grandma's Shojin ryori, Japanese Vegetarian Home Cooking] (version kindle in English)

「おばあちゃんの精進ごはん」著者の姉妹、暁美さんと五月さんによる「おせち料理」教室。 The number of participants is limited to 8 persons for each class,

so we suggest to reserve your place in advance. To be able for everybody to enjoy together, meat, fish and dairy are not used in the cooking. Participation fee is 4500 yen. Lesson in English and Japanese. Recipes in both languages. Please reserve your place by e-mail お申込みはEメールでお願いします


Please let us know if you are vegetarian, vegan... And also if you have any allergy for certains foods. https://www.facebook.com/ateliercafekamakura/


PROGRAM by Akemi & Satsuki


Sunday October 21 : Decorative & creative Maki-sushi 飾り巻き寿司

Saturday November 3 : Ramen & Gyoza ! (and some ideas to make the soup for noodles and Nabe. ラーメン&餃子(そばと鍋物の汁のアイディア)。

Sunday December 16 : Osechi ryori, Special New Year food ! おせち料理 2019

Sunday February 17 : Various ideas of dishes with daikon, radis 大根づくし

Sunday March 17 : Tofu and Miso とうふ・みそ

Sunday April 21 : Variety of potato recipes ideasじゃが芋づくし

Sunday May 19 : Sushi for picnic お寿司

Sunday June 9 : Obento 御弁当

Sunday July 21 : Somen noodle そうめん ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


*Shojin Style Cooking workshop “Autumn 1” to learn many ways to enjoy the vegetables

By Mari Fujii, specialist of Shojin ryori and author of many books including the one in English, “Enlightened Kitchen”. She’s been teaching more than 30 years which started with her husband Sotetsu Fujii who was a monk in charge of cooking at the temple for many years. With the basic idea and techinique of Shojin ryori, traditional vegan cuisine at the bouddhist temple, we will learn how to prepare the vegetables with different kinds of seasonings and various style of cooking. 2018: Sunday September 23, Saturday October 20,

Saturday November 10, Sunday December 9,

2019: Sunday January 27, Saturday March 9, Saturday May 11, saturday July 6. ALL THE PROGRAM



Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Vegan-Shojin-style-cooking-Meetup/events/255386982/

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