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Center for Intuitive Arts & Therapies

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Hello Dear Friends, You are welcome to join us and be part of this amazing healing energy that is both trans-formative and healing on so many levels! No experience necessary. I am a Reiki Master who consciously and mindfully utilizes energy every day for the benefit of not just myself, but for everyone who is around me and beyond. I will teach and guide you on how to use energy for everyday health, well-being that will ultimately increase your quality of life. You will gain experience and insight first-hand that will support you on your journey through life in many beneficial ways and on many levels of your being. A couple of points to know about Reiki: Reiki allows for loving and healing energy to flow through you Reiki is NOT a religion, it is Universal and is for everyone, regardless of any religious belief Reiki is spiritual and will allow you to get in touch and gain a deeper connection to yourself Reiki is open to all who are willing to explore and experience this beautiful, healing energy Some of the benefits of Reiki include… Reduction in stress levels – greater ability to manage one’s own stress Relieves muscle tension and pain by releasing blocked energy Allows for a better night’s sleep Reiki complements other medical treatments you may receive. For example, leading cancer institutions offer Reiki as an alternative therapy in addition to radiation and chemotherapy Increased sense of well-being and inner peace Reiki can be life-altering and trans-formative Reiki is easy to learn and serves as an effective self-healing tool There are no dangerous side effects. Treatment is natural and aligned for your highest good This circle is limited to 15 participants and will be held every other Wednesday from 6:30-8 pm starting November 7th, 2018. Everyone will have an opportunity to participate however they feel comfortable. All we ask is that you have an open heart and open mind to share and receive. Please bring water as hydration is important in energy work. In addition to Reiki, you will also have an opportunity to learn grounding and meditation (should you desire). As a Reiki Master, Spiritual Guide, Energy Healer and Light Worker, I am invested in your well-being, growth and expansion into self-realization and actualization. I am excited to facilitate this group and so much look forward to sharing and growing with you all! In Service with Gratitude, Love & Light, Danielle *Please note the location change. Our Reiki Healing Circle is at the Center of Intuitive Arts in Hicksville. Exchange (fee) is $20. You may pay cash at the door, paypal or venmo... --

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Center for Intuitive Arts & Therapies

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