Summers Over Fun Fly

sam. 27 octobre à 15:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Pulda Farms
North Brunswick
Milltown (New Jersey)

The 2018 Tri County RC Club


October 27th 2018 at Pulda Farms RC airfield Last year was great and this year could be epic!

Both Airplanes & Helicopters Are Welcome

Summers Over – Halloween Fun Fly

(update) * Pilots wearing Halloween costumes 1/2 price

  • Best costume prize

  • Best Halloween looking aircraft prize

  • Halloween candy drop

  • Maybe some other SURPRISES

  • Kids under 15 1/2 price

  • Kids under 15 in a costume are free Pilots meeting at 9:30am, (sharp)

Open flight line starting at 10:00 alternating every 30 minutes

between helicopters and fixed wing.

Open flying before, between and after events ATTENDEES ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENTS

All evens are optional EVENTS Show us something cool:

Show off your unique aircraft

Something real fast, real slow, real small, real big or just real cool One trick contest:

You get 3 minutes to,,,,,,

Show off that one cool thing you can do with your airplane or helicopter.

Anything from basic loop to landing with the transmitter behind your back. Streamer cut:

Like streamer combat only there will be just one airplane towing a big a long streamer and the pilots take turns trying to cut it. Food: Lunch will be pizza delivered to the field.

The landing fee covers the food and drinks

Landing Fee; TCRC members $10.00 / Non TCRC Members $15.00 Even if you dont want to fly, come on over anyway. Hang out with some great folks and friends, watch the show and have some lunch


Pulda Farms
North Brunswick

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