Math Workshop: From Kindergarten to Deep Learning

dim. 28 octobre à 17:30 — informations

dim. 4 novembre à 18:30 — informations

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Think Coffee
New York
New York

Chaque semaine le dimanche

We will be going through the entire Khan Academy Math track. How it works:

  1. We first take a 5-minute session to just working on problems on Khan Academy

  2. Then we introduce ourselves.

  3. After that, we have three 25 minute sessions on working on problems on Khan Academy.

You can ask others for help, discuss problems and explain.

  1. Finally, we have one 25 minute session were we each explain a concept to the rest of members. Starting at kindergarten, we will move through algebra, reaching calculus, statistics and probability and finally to Linear Algebra. The purpose of this is to get a firm understanding of the maths behind machine learning and data science. For those that attend often, we will eventually read the book The Elements of Statistical Learning and Deep Learning by Bengio, et al. Once this is accomplished, the more advanced people will form a group to start reading the Machine Intelligence Research Institute's suggested reading list. The purpose of this will be to prepare those interested in doing advanced AI research. We will begin to form the core of a MIRIx Workshop in NYC.

See: Ambitious. Yes. But, let's just take it one day at a time. [Post Note: We have sponsorship!]

The price is to raise money for the meetup to continue to offer services to develop the med tech and AI community in NYC. It's a tall proposition to pay to study math! However, the people who will show up will be motivated and that is who you wish to study with. Also, those who pay can stick around for the Python workshops right after. If we get sponsorship from MIRI, we work to eliminate the price. Note: I am not going to be teaching you. We will use Khan Academy and this will be a peer to peer learning group. But, I will be organizing it ensure that it's focused and effective.


Think Coffee
New York

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