Barre Pilates Class with Abi

Aujourd'hui, 17 oct. à 17:00 — informations

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Wunder House

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ॐ about this class ॐ

This is a 1 hour class with music that focuses on stretching and strengthening your body while keeping proper spine alignment. The class will give you a full body workout and a strong mind and body connection. This is great to supplement your yoga practice with. All levels are welcome! Exercises include:






-back body

-full body stretching ॐ what to bring ॐ

If you have your own mat, please bring it. If not, you can borrow one in the studio. You can do the class barefoot, or with sticky/grip socks. ॐ prices ॐ

first time €5

single class €12

card for 4 classes €45 (one month)

unlimited yoga card €75 (one month)

student yoga card €65 (one month)

3 months of unlimited yoga for €170


Wunder House

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