Kamakura hike: enjoy the countryside and make new friends!

sam. 27 octobre à 04:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Gare de Kita-Kamakura

IMPORTANT: If the weather forecast is bad we will cancel the event as soon as possible. There is no participation fee for this event. • What we'll do


Our next special event is going to an enjoyable hike in the Kamakura countryside! We’ll meet at Kita Kamakura Station and walk to Zeniarai Benzaiten Ugafuku Shrine. The shrine is one of the most famous in this area. We will wash our "cash" there. We can find it out the reason why?? After that we will offer a choice for the final destination. We can either walk to the Kamakura seaside area or Tsurugaoka Hachimangū. We'll decide on the day. We'll take a break somewhere for a short rest. The hike will take 2-3 hours to complete it's a good opportunity to take in some fresh air and get some exercise. You can enjoy the beautiful Kamakura scenery and sample some historical places in Japan. This is also a language exchange so you can feel free to practice speaking in English and Japanese while we walk. Meeting Point: JR Kita Kamakura Station(JR Yokosuka line) at 11:00 a.m. Look for someone holding a Meetup sign. 年内最後のSpecial eventは鎌倉散策です。





そのあと、参加者の皆さんと行先について話し合いたいと思います。長谷あたりの海沿いを目指すもよし、八幡宮方面に向かうのもいい。途中で休憩もします。 散策(一部ハイキング)は一応2~3時間を予定しています。



もちろんこれは言語交換イベントの一つですので、歩きながら英語や日本語を練習することもできます。 重要)天気予報によってはイベントを中止することがありますので、こちらのページを確認してください。 待ち合わせ場所:JR北鎌倉駅(駅前) 北鎌倉駅前交差点 側

*Meetupのサインを持っていますので探してください • What to bring

• Comfortable walking shoes or boots. We will walk along a path in the woods.

• Warm clothes.

• Water/drinks and food, snacks.

• Cash to wash.

• We'll take a break somewhere for a short rest. ・はきなれた靴(途中山道もあるのでスニーカー等がいいとおもいます)





Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Link-Up-Yokohama/events/255318495/

Gare de Kita-Kamakura

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