Masterkey Mastermind Group - Session 2: Forming Your Core Group and Alliance

ven. 2 novembre à 00:00

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The Soul's Inspiration Education & Wellness Center

This is Session Two: Forming Your Core Group & Alliance WHAT IS A MASTERMIND GROUP? A Mastermind Group is a group of people who bring their experience, encouragement and accountability to the table to help each person in the group achieve success in their definite purpose. This group will specifically designed to help each person attending achieve a specific goal. WHAT YOU WILL GET This meetup is designed for women interested in success in a specific personal or business goal. Each meetup with be part of "the Master Key Program" based on some of the strategies and teachings of: Napoleon Hill

Deepak Chopra

Brian Tracy

Helen Schucman

Tony Robbins

Micheal Port

Abraham - Hicks

and many others The Meetups will be in this order

Session 1: Your Definite Goal or Purpose

Session 2: Forming Your Core Group and Alliance

Session 3: Mapping Steps & Deadlines

Session 4: Law of Compensation

Session 5: Self Discipline & Internal Discussions

Session 6: Measurement, Analysis & Judgement

Session 7: Where you are now

Session 8: Revisit Definite Purpose, Mapping Steps & Deadlines WHEN WE MEET 8 Week Commitment, Starting Thursday October 18th, then meeting the First and Third Thursday of the month for 8 sessions. (with holiday bumps where necessary all dates will be scheduled in Meetup) WHO IS THIS FOR? The Master Key program is perfect for anyone interesting in achieving something other than what they are currently experiencing. This group is designed to help each of us understand how to activate success in any area of our lives. Audio Recordings will be available after each meetup. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY Having said that we know things happen. You may miss up to 1 meeting and we expect you to access the audio recording to stay caught up. NOTE: It is possible that several people will register to attend and no one will show up. In those cases, the meetup will be cancelled and no refund. No refund because I will show up. I will be there waiting. :)


The Soul's Inspiration Education & Wellness Center

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