PEOPLE: Practically, how can we better discern a 'good' person from a fake?

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Tables outside Bryant Park Grill's main entrance
New York
New York

Host: Yen. This is an outdoor event. Benjamin Franklin once wrote:

“Who is wise? He that learns from everyone.

Who is powerful? He that governs his passions.

Who is rich? He that is content.

Who is that? Nobody.

A truly wise person would refuse to accept that conclusion.” Practically, how can we better discern who is a 'good' person?

By...? Food-for-Thought Only:

What do others look for? What do you look for?

How do you define "good" person? (We'll start the conversation by defining "good" as "trustworthy" first and go to other characteristic from there...)

How do we know if someone is trustworthy?

How do we know someone's true values?

What key questions would you ask?

How does your "gut feel" matter?

How do we know if someone won't abuse their power or discretion over us?

How does motives or intent or the results matter?

How do we know if someone will follow through with what they say?

How do you know if someone is lying?

Are our rules valid or not valid?

What are the limits to these rules?

Under what circumstances or factors are our rules valid or not?

How are "conflicts of interests" managed?

How is self-deception a factor?

How is our self-image a factor?

What rules can we apply? Which rules are universal? Purpose: Greet good friends, mreet new ones, and share lessons learned. Proposed Agenda 6:30 PM - Introduction (1 min. each)

6: 45 - Open Discussion (60 min.)

We'll start the conversation by defining "good" as "trustworthy" first and go to other characteristics from there...

7: 45 - Final Comments (1 min. each)

8 PM - Formal end. Suggestions • Listen to understand.

• Speak from personal experience.

• Identify for the underlying values, priorities, and assumptions. Look for new insights. Note – Manhattan Lectures & Conversations (MLC) neither screens participants, nor supervises or controls MLC meetings, and we have no special relationship with the individuals who participate in programs listed in our calendars. Therefore, please exercise good judgment when attending events. Note particularly that these events are NOT a forum for dating, for employees or independent contractors to introduce, promote, or sell goods and/or services, for organizing social/political action such as demonstrations, rallies, or partisan political campaigns, or for any unlawful activity. The community's intent is to avoid conflicts of interest. All participants are responsible maintaining an environment conducive to conversation and friendship: All participants are:

  • expected to honor each other's stated boundaries. Boundaries must be reasonable. People, relationships, and boundaries may not be used as weapons;

  • expected to respect each other's privacy. Participants are not obligated to provide information or answer any questions against their will;

  • encouraged to share only information they feel comfortable with sharing;

  • expected to maintain confidentiality and not reshare personal information without prior permission from the owner;

  • responsible for resolving their own disputes as private individuals and will not involve others, not in their personal disputes;

  • responsible for walking away from a meetup where the Event Host or moderator is unable to maintain an environment conducive to conversation and with no intent to re-assemble again on that day;

  • in agreement to accept full responsibility for their respective decisions and actions;

  • expected to "do no harm" above all when taking action or when not taking action;

  • in agreement with the above by participating in MLC meetups. About the Moderator: Yen is a parent and a manager returning to the NYC.


Tables outside Bryant Park Grill's main entrance
New York

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