Camping Meetup

sam. 29 septembre à 01:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Smith point county campground
Mastic Beach

NOTE: The Date is subject to change due to weather conditions, we will keep you updated as we get closer, if there are any changes, We will make a call 1 day in advance, if the weather begins to go south Details to come, check back for more updates/time, but Mark your calendars, it will be from Friday to Sunday morning! More info and location can be found on the campgrounds website. We will be having general food available for members (burgers, hotdogs, cereal and juice for the morning, and so forth.) Feel free to bring your own food. We will also be having a snack potluck where everyone brings a snack to share! **A What to bring list will continue being updated:

Sleeping bag



Water bottle



Towel and other toiletries (there are running hot showers!)

Swimsuit(it is walking distance right next to a beach!)

Battery pack for your phones/any other handheld devices.

Anything else you may think of! Can't wait to see every-pony there!


Smith point county campground

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