Meditation as Medicine

sam. 20 octobre à 21:00

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Aum Body & Soul Spa
West New York
Union City

Greetings Heart~Song~Tribe, In this two-hour workshop you will be guided through a thoughtful mind-body practice designed to ease the body, calm the mind, and move more deeply into a state of concentration, genuine introspection and deep relaxation. This journey is based on beautiful Yogic practices ranging from gentle asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath work), mantra (sound vibration) and mudra (hand "seals" or gestures). We will complete this offering in a long supported Savasana, where each individual will receive an auric bath with Tibetan Singing Bowls. What You Will Experience:

Inspired by the ISHTA Diksha and Rasa Yoga...

  • Dharma talk

I will share a heart-full nugget, infused with beautiful soul-medicine for the

soma (body), psyche (mind) and soul (essence). - Gentle Yoga

Gentle movement designed to warm the body, and prepare it sit mindfully

at with embodied presence - Pranayama

Breath work designed to connect more deeply into our subtle/energetic

body - Mantra/Mudra

We will collectively chant a simple mantra to raise the vibration of the

collective, and to penetrate the individual heart; then sit in silence for a

few moments with a mudra (hand gesture) to initiate the flow of energy

throughout our body - Guided Meditation

Guided into a deeper state of mindfulness - Sit in Silence

7-10 minutes We will then move through a grounding practice that will include a gentle post meditation stretch, where we will engage in the full art of complete surrender, pranidhana. We will end with a long supported Savasana (laying down on the ground), accompanied by a tibetan singing bowl cleanse. No Yoga experience required. However, where comfortable clothes to easily move in. Please note that we will be siting for quite some time. Support (use of props such a meditation chairs, blankets, yoga blocks) will be provided, to optimize comfort. If you have any questions about this or other offerings, please feel free to contact me! INVESTMENT: $30 Early Bird (Ending October 8)

$40 General Fee To RSVP: Please contact Aum Body and Soul Spa

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Aum Body & Soul Spa
West New York

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