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Excel VBA for Quant Modeling PPT: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1_cMr3fKfOooqU6INlxFb_6bKOTXYRT88d0HE8bT3Jmo/edit?usp=sharing Github: https://github.com/shivgan3/ExcelVBABootcampNYC Our VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Excel Macro instructor will help you how to use basic Macros to automate Excel.You will be able to use your Excel knowledge more productively by incorporating Macros in your spreadsheets and run quantitative models. This Excel Macro Course assumes no previous knowledge of Macros. This basic VBA class, that will help you apply skills to build quantitative models in excel. Four projects for the course:Multiple Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Monte Carlo Simulation (AR1), Scraping data from Yahoo Finance Course Outcomes:

Macros vs Excel Formulas: Strengths and Weaknesses: When to avoid VBA and do it in excel?

Introduction to VBA and Recording Macros

Writing VBA Code - Introduction to Variables, Decision and Looping Controls

Graceful Error Handling using ON ERROR

Create User Defined Functions and Workbook Events

Object Variables, Array Variables, Indefinite Loops

Use the models in the class at your workplace Things that you will learn are:

How to Debug and Fix Macros, How to Handle Errors

How to use Variables and Arrays

How to Write Programs With the Visual Basic Editor

Programming Control Structures

Decision Control: If/Then/Else and Select Case

Flow Control: For/Next, Do While, For Each

How to Call Excel Functions and Write New Functions

How to Call Excel Dialogs Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Run Multiple Regression, Logistic Regression and Monte Carlo Simulation in Excel.

Develop a macro

Format worksheets using macros

Create an interactive worksheet

Work with multiple worksheets

Import from difference files Topics covered in the class:

Macros / VBA

What are Macros?

What is VBA?

How to record macros

How to run macros

VBA Editor



Project Explorer

Toolbars / Options

Creating / Editing Code

Create Procedures



Invoking Macros

Hot Keys

Quick Access Toolbar

Call Command

Compiling Code

Stepping through code

Reset Run



Option Explicit

Data Types

Working with The Object Model

Ranges: Rows, Columns, Cells

reating & Naming Objects

Naming conventions

Navigation / Selection Techniques


Range Names

Logic Statements

IF Statements

Looping Statements

Do Loops

Error Handlers

Preventing fatal errors and crashes #Instructor:

Shivgan Joshi






Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Excel-VBA-Macros-Analytics-Affordable-Bootcamp-Classes/events/254534192/

Mathmatter Tutoring
Jackson Heights

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