Cervantes Institute- A night of Psychedelics and Consciousness Hacking

mer. 3 octobre à 00:00

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Instituto Cervantes
New York
New York


This program is part of the Psychedleic Film and Music Festival which runs all week Oct 1- Oct 7

For more info about the festival www.psychelicfilmandmusicfestival.com

This EVENT IS RSVP Join us at 6pm for a reception with drinks provided by our sponsor GUYAKI YERBA MATE At 630pm we begin the program. Translove Airwaves, Pilot. “You Can’t Auto-Tune the Pope." Featuring Simon Boswell. Post-screening Q&A with Dir. Matt Levin and Simon Boswell U.S. Premiere – U.S./UK- 16 min. Follow curiouser film-maker Matt Levin down the rabbit hole as he pilots our trip through the multi-layered psychedelic realm - inspired and guided by the insights and experiences recounted by the musicians, technology, artists, gurus, writers, places, and ideas he engages with along the way. For the pilot episode, Matt travels to Ramsgate, UK, to meet legendary film composer, Simon Boswell, and connect the dots that join his film score collaboration with the doyen of psychedelic film, Chilean-born Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1989 classic Santa Sangre, to the Pope, horror films, HAVE A GOOD TRIP

Directed by Luis Solrat

UK, 9 minute

He wants to change his destiny...wit ARC Directed by Pasquale Greco

A cosmonaut in search of answers,finds himself

stuck in an endless loop of distorted memories.

US, 7 minute I AM NOT BROKEN Dir by Felix Pineiro US, 10 minutes A young man named Victor find himself in deep love, but can't seem to find his way to intimacy which takes a major strain on his relationship. He goes on a journey through the past and present that takes him to doctor, therapists,


Dir by Kose

US, 6minutA visually stunning animation of puppets reminiscent of Butoh dance. BURN, BABY BURN

Stephen David Brooks A young woman must come to terms with loss.

US,2 minutes TESSERACT

Directed by Joao Pedro Oliveira

Brazil, 8minutes A tesseract, also defined as an hypercube is the

four-dimensional equivalent of the cube.

This video presents a possible journey throughout

the six faces of a cube


Dir By Raitis Abele

Latvia,15 minutes After 'years of madness' man seeks out his past and confronts his feminine and masculine alter eg


Directed by Nic Saunders

To impress the girl across the hallway, the Pianist severs his own finger.

However, things are not always as they first appear as he tries to run from the events of his past. Inspired by

a short story by William S Burroughs, author of "The Naked Lunch".



Directed by Luis Eduardo Luna

US, Peru . 31 minutes Don Emilio and his Little Doctors This documentary,is one of the

first films documenting ayahuasca use among mestizo shamans in the Peruvian

Amazon, in particular the practices of Don Emilio Andrade Gomez, a healer living

twelve km from the city. Leading psychedelic researcher and ethnopharmacologist Dr.Dennis McKenna will

be present to comment on the the significance of this trailblazing documentary

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/New-York-Consciousness-Hacking-2-0/events/254510872/

Instituto Cervantes
New York

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