Ride #009

dim. 11 novembre à 13:30

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Bedminster Township


7:30am meet, KSU 8:00am sharp SAFETY RULES

  • No passing riders ahead of you

  • Safe distance between riders in front/behind

  • No stunts or drama

  • These rules reduce our risk of injury. Expect a friendly reminder if you forget one, and second time you'll be voted off the island CANCELLATION/WEATHER

If the weather sucks enough to cancel, the top of this description will be updated before 6:00am on the day of the ride, otherwise it's on. If you can't make it, pleeeeaze cancel your RSVP the day before. It's a real drag when people don't show and the wait-listed sit at home. Also, we're usually busy on the morning off the meetup, so we don't check email. WHAT TO EXPECT

Most show up on time with a full tank. One guy usually doesn't, so we openly mock him. Shortly before departure, the route and safety rules are reviewed, then riders decide on line-up, and we take off. On main roads we ride at moderate speed and staggered (L/R) etc. Back roads are fast and single file and space between. This is where the pack spreads out, and if you can't see a tail-light, stay on the road. We'll be waiting for you at the next stop sign or turn. If you don't show up after a few minutes, a leader goes back for you. We never leave anyone behind. The lead uses GPS and sometimes it sucks, so we get lost and pull over to re-route. When we get stuck behind a car, we only pass if the whole pack can make it. If it goes on too long, the lead looks for an alternate side road. Once an hour we pull over for a few minutes, usually to stretch, smoke, or urinate on shrubbery. The ride continues until we get hungry enough for a diner stop, then decide to split or ride more. That's a typical ride.

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/North-Jersey-Sports-Tour-Motorcycle-Meetup/events/254570654/

Bedminster Township

Moto Automobile
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