High-Performing Teams & Core Protocols with Richard Kasperowski

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New York
New York

We're excited and proud to present Richard Kasperowski and this special meetup on high performing teams using the core protocols. At AWA we use the core protocols, which helps us have a huge positive and last impact on the relationships we have with our friends, colleagues, and clients. ABOUT THIS MEETUP: Your team can be ten times better. What does that mean? That means your professional team can accomplish 10x more work, do it with 10x more quality, 10x faster, or with 10x fewer resources. Your family can be 10x happier. Your school can be 10x more effective at helping people learn. Your community group can be 10x better at making life better for the people it serves. Even you yourself can be 10x more effective at getting what you want. In other words, you can be great. Your team can be great. Greatness

Can you say these things about your teams? My projects are completed effortlessly on schedule and within budget every time.

Every team I’ve ever been on has shared a vision.

In meetings, we only ever do what will get results.

No one blames “management” or anyone else if they don’t get what they want.

Everybody shares their best ideas right away.

Ideas are immediately unanimously approved, improved, or rejected by the team.

Action on approved ideas begins immediately.

Conflict is always resolved swiftly and productively.

The Core Protocols are one way to make teams that have these characteristics. Some of the things you’ll learn: Results-oriented behaviors

How to enter a state of shared vision with a team and stay there

How to create trust on a team

How to stay rational and healthy

How to make team decisions effectively

How to move quickly and with high quality towards the team’s goals ABOUT RICHARD

Richard Kasperowski is an author, speaker, teacher, and coach focused on high-performance teams. Richard is the author of the new book, High-Performance Teams: The Foundations, as well as The Core Protocols: A Guide to Greatness. He leads clients in building great teams that get great results using the Core Protocols, Agile, and Open Space Technology. Richard created and teaches the course Agile Software Development at Harvard University. Learn more and subscribe to Richard’s newsletter at www.kasperowski.com ABOUT THIS SESSION:

This session is taken from Richard's 1 day course of the same name that we're running in NYC this January 2019.


Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/New-York-Adventures-with-Agile/events/254582668/

New York

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