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Among all its other amazing properties, the most intriguing to me its the ability of one tea to transform into many different teas depending on the brewer. 5 grams of tea or 12 grams of tea...

170° or 205° water...

bottled water or filtered water...

Teapot or gaiwan...

zini or duani... There are so many different variables to brewing tea that there are endless possibilities to the end result! Lets have some fun comparing each others different methods of brewing tea. Serve your brew to the other members of the group and let them decide if your brew can rise to the top of our Tea Battle! Discussion on the teas and the brewing methods used will take place after the Tea Battle has completed. Ultimately, the purpose of the Tea Battle is to open up discussion about the versatility of tea in a fun, interactive method. Enjoy the Tea Battle! ____ Tea Battle Rules 1. Six competitors are needed for a Tea Battle. 2. A complete Tea Battle will consist of three rounds.

a. Round 1 will be between competitor 1, 2 & 3

b. Round 2 will be between competitor 4, 5 & 6

c. Round 3 will be between the winner of Round 1 and the winner of Round 2. 3. All competitors must brew the same tea, which will remain unknown until after all competitors have finished brewing 4. One competitor will brew at a time

a. Brewer may choose to use any vessel of his choice

b. Brewer may choose to use any quantity of tea

c. Brewer may choose to use any type of water

d. Brewer may choose to use any temperature of water

e. Brewer may choose to steep the tea for any period of time

f. Brewer is allowed to taste each brew before deciding to serve 5. Brewer must present one clear glass fairness pitchers of the steep of his/her choice. 1st, 2nd or 3rd steep...it’s up to the brewer. 6. All who are present are invited to judge the tea, including the competitors

a. The tea will be judged using a Tea Battle Scoring Card.

b. Tea will be scored from 1-5 for

i. Clarity

ii. Color

iii. Aroma

iv. Flavor

v. Mouth Feel

vi. Finish

c. The completed Tea Battle Scoring Cards for each brewer will be handed to the host by each judge

d. The host will tally the total scores onto the Judges Totals Scoring Card. 7. After all brewers have presented their tea and all 3 teas from each competitor in the round has been scored by every judge, the host will announce only the winner of the round 8. The winner of Round 1 and the winner of Round 2 will go on to compete in Round 3 a. Round 3 competitors will brew a different tea from what was used in Rounds 1 & 2, following the same rules. 9. 1st place prize will be presented to the winner by the host.

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/newyorkteasociety/

7s Art 七堂
New York

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