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Introduction to SQL for Data Analytics for Beginners 9 hours Introduction to Practical SQL for Data Analytics (9 hours) Duration: 1-2 day(s)

Prerequisite: Basic Excel

Computer with SQL server and Adventurework Database would help but not a mandatory requirement

Suggested Installs: SQLite, SQL Server, MYSQL Workbench, MySQL server

Class is meant to be for non programmers PPT: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iXpK0tiPiPWS2KiRfT7BgShtQwK-ppAzY7nY23NmV9Y/edit?usp=sharing SQL 101.1 Session The courses teaches MYSQL using online platforms and explains querying and creating tables. Introduces with querying logic and explains group by and joins in SQL. The class is completely hands on and assumes no prior knowledge. This class is an ideal class for learning group by, joins, in built functions. After taking this SQL 101 class you can take other intermediate classes or classes involving functions, procedures and views. After attending the course, you can expect to run simple group by, joins and filtering on SQL tables. Also learn about SQL Analytics and SQL Server. Top 10 frequently asked SQL interview questions along with solutions and example is provided. You will be also provided the 15 SQL queries that we run in the class for future reference. The user also gets the code and slides for future references. Intro to different versions of SQL Part A: Create your tables and input values

Part B: Select based on different filtering

Part C: Group by, Union and Joins

Part D: String functions SQL 101.2 Session Part 1

Understand Different Cloud databases

Difference between SQL and NoSQL

Run SQL Workbench and connect to AWS endpoint Part 2

Run nested Group by

Join multiple tables

Join and Group by in the same code

Sub queries

CASE Statement Part 3

Custom functions and string functions

CAST, string, date functions

Functions and Procedures

When to use functions and procedures

Use a Wildcard with a Parameter

Handling date time format

Null values count and Joins Part 4

Correlated queries Views

Index Prerequisite is 101 SQL

You need a computer with SQL workbench Why do we need SQL? What is wrong with excel?

Different distribution packages available from Oracle, microsoft, ibm

For example: if we create the information of people attending the classes in excel- what is wrong with that?

How will SQL give us some better way of handling data?

Top 5 problems in Excel and top 5 most useful features in SQL

Can I and should I move all my data of work from excel to SQL? How would I do that?

Can I link Excel with SQL? Project: Table of people attending the class. Understand and demonstrate what is possible and what is not. Also comment on how hard it would be. Getting Hands on with SQL and Outline *You need an SQL Server Developers Edition on a Windows Based System

** If you have a Mac then you will be required to setup an AWS account and EC2 with Windows and SQL Server #Instructor:

Shivgan Joshi





https://notebooks.azure.com/shivgan3/libraries Payment Policy: We only accept payment at door and before the class. We accept payment through event leap, cash, Venmo & Paypal(+5).

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/New-York-Python-SQL-Bootcamp-Data-Science-Analytics/events/254554425/

Mathmatter Tutoring
Jackson Heights

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