Cadman Plaza Park- 8 v 8 - MOVED TO 5:30 Kick off.

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Cadman Plaza Park
Brooklyn, NY, 11201

Chaque semaine le mercredi

"""UPDATED MEETUP""""" Games will officially be open at 5:30. However, if you cant make it till 6 then that is fine. As soon as we have two teams we will start, and when the third team is ready they can swtich on, even if its at 6. We want to be able to offer extra game time to those who can make 5:30, while also still allowing those who come at 6 to keep playing. We will be playing 8 vs 8 (7 plus 1 goalie) in Cadman Plaza Park every Wednesday starting at 5:30./ This will be very similar to Monday's meetup. There will be three teams of 8 players.

10 minutes or first to 3. Winner stays on up to three games in a row.

In the case of a tie the team who was on before sits out. Please try to come 5-10 minutes before 6:00 pm so we can start on time.

Pinnies will be provided. **You must have RSVP'd in order to play. See you all there!


Cadman Plaza Park
Brooklyn, NY, 11201

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