ADK 46's - Santa Range - Panther, Santanoni, Couchsachraga

ven. 28 septembre à 19:00

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Santanoni Rd Parking
North Elba

[masked], [masked] Three ADK 46'er Weekend: Panther, Santanoni, and Couchsachraga. ----------------- Friday: Backpack In (4.5 miles / ~1800'). Saturday: Range from Campsites (8.9 miles / 4100').

Planned Pace: 1.2 mph overall average. (7 Hours) Sunday: Backpack Out (4.5 miles / ~550'). (Range From Trailhead: 16 miles / 5500') MAP: ----------------- Trail Note: Most of the trails on this trip are considered herd paths, are not maintained, and may not be well labeled; usually only marked with cairns. Paths can be narrow and scratchy. (Trails from trailhead to campsites are maintained and blazed.) High Peaks Wilderness Bear Vaults not required, but bring one or bear bag. Fires are allowed. Bring a saw. ----------------- Friday

4.4 miles / 1500'. It's all official maintained trail. The first 1.8 is along a road, and then you will be turning right for a straight shot to leanto. It should all be blazed blue... even the road section. Saturday

A quick 0.2 miles South takes us to the intersection with the HERD PATHS which we will be on all day. (Only the trail between the parking lot and leanto is labeled / blazed.) Hang a right, then Bradley Pond will be on your left, hang a right at the top of the col, and you've got Panther after 1.6 miles and 1500'. Come down the col again, walk past where you came up, and you should come to a rock they call Times Square, hang a right, and go down from there, to go to Couchsachraga; 3.1 miles / 1110' round trip. Once you return to Times Square, take another right for Santanoni. Santanoni is a mile out with 450' of elevation gain, but we aren't coming back, about 0.2 miles before the Santanoni summit there is a path down called the Santanoni Express. The Santanoni Express Path is 1.4 miles long, once you reach the official DEC trail, if you are camping follow the blue blazes 0.8 miles / 200' to the left, if you are headed to the cars, follow the blue blazes 3.4 miles to the right. Sunday

Hike 4.4 miles to the cars, at your leisure.

Eat two entrees at the diner. ----------------- As always, GPS with the points below, maps, and tracks is recommended, and map/compass required. All must have a meetup account to attend this event. Please do not show up without contacting the organizer. ----------------- Navigation: Parking:[masked], [masked]

(DMS Format: 44° 4' 8.75" N, 74° 3' 42.01" W) Please download the this map and load it into your GPS device: ----------------- If you join this event you are responsible for yourself in all regards; including but not limited to the following. You must be prepared to navigate yourself to your objectives and back to your vehicle. Which means being familiar with the route prior to arrival, and bringing whatever navigation aids necessary. You must know the mileage / elevation gain / terrain / planned pace, and be familiar with your ability to traverse them, and what gear is recommended for yourself given the conditions. Unless the meetup is labeled as "Beginner", it is your responsibility to gauge your ability to keep up with the group and get to the vehicles within a time-frame as to not cause alarm; this may mean that you may not meet all of your objectives. Your first objective is always to get back to the vehicles safely, and let the rest of the group get on with their trip, so keep track of the time, turn around if you need to, and try to let people know if you think you might disappear. There will be no gear-check, but extra food, extra water, rain layers, headlamp, lighter, compass, and whistle, should be things that you are very rarely without. If there is any chance of rain, you need raingear. ----------------- You agree when you sign up for this group or any of the events that you have read and understand the below. If you join us for a hike (or any other event), please understand that you are responsible for your own preparedness and well-being and will hold no one else liable in case of injury or mishap. You agree not to hold the Organizer, Assistant Organizers, or any other members responsible for any injuries, mishaps, or any other situation that may happen at a planned event. You are responsible to research the event, know the area, and bring the proper gear. Your attendance on a hike signifies that you have read and accept the terms of this liability waiver. Full waiver can be found on the ABOUT ( ) page.


Santanoni Rd Parking

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