Cybersecurity Workshop For IT Professionals #2

lun. 26 novembre à 01:00

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Tokyo Techies Training Centre

** 日本語でのテクニカルサポートがあります **

** 日本語のご案内はこちら: Cyber-attacks have transformed dramatically over the past few years. Unfortunately, organizations are still being breached too often, and are under more pressure than ever to secure their systems. Tokyo Techies Cyber Security Workshop for IT professionals, provided by our Israeli training partner ThinkCyber, aims to address cyber challenges experienced at the highest level. It will cover various attack techniques and how to defend against them. Similar intense workshops have been successfully organized for large enterprises and organizations all over the world, including:

  • Israel Police - Cyber crime unit

  • Israel Defense Forces

  • Police force in South East Asia

  • Microsoft R&D Center

  • Universities/IT companies in Singapore and India WHO SHOULD ATTEND?

  • Software and System Engineers

  • Security Architects/ Specialists

  • Network Systems Analysts

  • Security Operation Center Managers

  • Chief Information Security Officers

  • Information Security Analysts

  • Technical Project Managers WHAT SKILLS DO YOU NEED TO ATTEND?

  • Linux/Windows skills

  • Basic computer networking skills

  • Personal laptops with Wifi connection

  • VirtualBox/ VMWare installed

  • Basic Computer programming skills are preferable WHAT DOES THE WORKSHOP LOOK LIKE?

Duration: 3 days, 6~6.5 hours (+lunch break) DAY 1:

Module 1: Linux - Text manipulation

Participants will study Linux basics of text manipulation - how to adapt the system to the user’s needs, using basic commands, manipulation of text sections, understanding virtualization, permissions and other security concepts. Module 2: Network Forensics

Given the increase in network attacks and malicious intrusions, this module will be helpful for those who manage the corporate and institutional networks. This session introduces participants to Network Forensics and the ability to locate and better understand various attacks. DAY 2

Module 3: Permissions and Packets

This module will cover the concept of Permissions, Hardening and Packets (Permission and controls, writing packet sniffers, PCAP file parsing and analysis, Scapy). Module 4: Cyber security

This module teaches participants to embrace the attacker state-of-mind in order to recognize the necessary defense mechanisms. Participants will deal with several types of malware, spyware and viruses, hash functions, web attacks, wireless attacks, etc. DAY 3

Module 5: Cyber security research

This module will dive deeper into the world of Network cyber security based on the previous information that the participants have already learned in order to understand in depth the network attacks while thinking about why the attack is possible and how creative ways can be used to protect against the attack and vulnerability. WHY IS OUR WORKSHOP SPECIAL?

The CYBERIUM ARENA is our advanced simulation platform that provides realistic training scenarios to improve the performance of your organization's security team. By doing hands-on exercises in the CYBERIUM ARENA environment right at the workshop, the participants will practice real security scenarios and learn to manipulate and deal with them. LEARNING OUTCOMES

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Become familiar with the cyber threat landscape that modern organizations face

  • Acquire the knowledge and tools to defend the corporate network

  • Be able to test networks and systems for vulnerabilities

  • Be able to defend against cyber-attacks

  • Become familiar with a variety of available tools for performing security-related tasks REGISTRATION (Only available via our system)

  • SPECIAL DISCOUNT (15%) is available for the participants who sign up before October 21.

  • You won't be charged for cancellation earlier than 1 week before the workshop. Please contact [masked] for more details.


Tokyo Techies Training Centre

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