Robot Operating System (ROS) Workshop For Engineers

sam. 29 septembre à 02:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Tokyo Techies Training Centre

INTRODUCTION ROS - Robot Operating System- is like the Linux of robots. Most of the world’s robots are now powered by ROS as the middleware both in industry and academia. In this course, students will learn about how to use ROS to program real or simulated robots. ROS comes with a very large and diverse set of functions that make it straightforward for programming robots and all of these will be taught in this course TOPICS COVERED:

  • Introduction to ROS: understand what middleware is, what capabilities ROS provides and ROS installation.

  • Creating and building ROS packages using catkin.

  • Nodes, Topics, Publishers, Subscribers.

  • Writing Publishers and Subscriber codes.

  • Services, Parameters.

  • Robot and sensor data visualization in rviz.

  • Viewing and displaying real-time data streamed by various hardware such as joysticks, monocular cameras and 3D depth cameras.

  • Creating and simulating 3D robot models and sensors in Gazebo PREREQUISITES

  • Minimal experience with Linux and C++ (or Python)

  • Laptop computer running Ubuntu 16.04 REGISTRATION (Only available via our system)

  • The Fee is 11000 JPY/ person (tax excluded).

  • Click Here To Register :

  • 20% discount is available for the ones who introduce more than 1 friends to our workshop!


Tokyo Techies Training Centre

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