🎃Halloween Party The Crazy Night Drinks Games & Chat Meetup@Bar Lounge Roppongi

sam. 27 octobre à 12:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)


English / 日本語 !! I wanna you drunk !!Over the 200 people comes ! Let's dance,karaoke, game and chatting with international friends in Glamour ROPPONGI HALLOWEEN party! Do you want to make Friends all over the world? Do you want to enjoy your Exciting Halloween Party once in a year? Do you like Drinking? Do you want Nice DJ Music at Halloween Party? Do you like a dancing ? 外国からのたくさんの新しい友達と最高な🎃ハロウィンパーティーに参加したいですか?10月に新しい出会いは欲しいですか?英語をもっと話したいですか? 思う存分仮装してきてOkayです☆ Lets enjoy Japanese Unique Halloween Party and Making International Friends and chatting with Halloween DJ at Bar Lounge Roppongi.インターナショナルな友達をたくさん作りましょう素適な最高におしゃれなシャンデリアのあるバーラウンジで、エキサイトなハロウィンDJを楽しみながら国際交流と仮装を楽しみましょう。 世界中から参加するインターナショナルな外国籍の人たちと、リアルな六本木のハロウィンに参加しよう☆ 数百人以上に、ネオンの光るリストバンドを無料で用意しました。暗闇で光るネオンで気持ちが盛り上がります! ※Please RSVP予約してください。

Show us the reservation page at the reception予約ページを受付で見せてください。(No Reservation予約なし: Plus 500Yen or Can not join)☆☆ (PRESENT FOR FUN / at reception! )

  1. We provide an item of NEON LIST BAND for Everyone at Entrance! The NEON LIST BAND looks super shining in the Darkness !! SO, NEON ITEM MAKES YOU EXCITED!!!FREE!!!!!!

  2. One Welcome Shot is including First arrival 100 ppl ※Please arrive at reception until 21:00!

  3. 2 times Welcome Tokyo Stamp if you come with friends. ○Specials

・Over 400 Beautiful Candles inside Venue

・FREE Welcome Shot(arrive until 21:00 only at reception)

・Free Karaoke room in the party venue(Its separated inside)

(※Please reservation by comment on Event page/ rotation/ 30 minute per person)

・FREE Snacks

・Halloween DJ from all over the world

・Crazy Games

・We can buy any kind of Alchol at Venue

○About Crazy Games

・Super Big Jenga Game(BIgger than you)


・Twister Game


・Jumbo Trump Game

・UNO Game Roppongi is

the one of the hottest spot at Haloween season in Tokyo! Come to join us if you want to have a real Tokyo's Halloween Culture! You can meet hottest people who is wearing the special cosplay and make up the face and body! They are so serious Halloween masquerade of Japanese Style. So many costumed ppl are coming to concentrate to the ROPPONGI from ALL OVER THE WORLD ! DONT WORRY about costumes and make up If you dont have cosplay also no makng up people! Everyoe are WELCOME!(ABOUT ROPPONGI HALLOWEEN PPL) 〇About Special DJ for Halloween Party


Dan / Canada : Tech style



DJason / British : Deep Progressive House + Dirty Disco Mix



Dan / Canada : Tech style

https://m.soundcloud.com/rebbeat 〇About KARAOKE service

  • We have KARAOKE Room. 500 yen/1 hour/1 ppl BUT If you have resevation before 3DAYS you can use for FREE.※please coment on event page. (Details)

・Meetup time: 19:00-23:00 27th October

・Location : Glamour Tokyo7 - 13 - 8 roppongi minato tokyo

東京都港区六本木7-13-8 FUSION BLD 3F

(Google Map)


・FEE :


1500YEN / FULL Costume if you wear

500Yen up / no full costume (pants and shuts and face make up for hallooween or head )


1000yen / Full Costume if you wear

500yen up / no Full costume(pants or skirt and shuts and face make up for halloween or head)

※Please Buy Drink before reception:

※We cant exchange when you pay it.Bring Just each Fee.

※Bring your ID card if you drink . Contact us if you wanna be DJ here!EDM / house music / electro / Deap House/ Hip hop /pop・・・ ・Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ken.welcometokyo

・LINE : https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40hzr6120r 六本木で一番熱いリアルなハロウィーンパーティーを楽しんでください. Organiser KEN

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Tokyo-Events-Club/events/252695500/


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