The Impact Network Event

ven. 5 octobre à 00:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)


“Genius Is In The Idea. Impact Comes From Action” - Simon Sinek The world is changing…And now, more than ever, we are in need of leaders to step forward and take action; to create impact in the world. Alone, however, we are limited. In tribe, we are unstoppable. The Impact Network has been created to cultivate that tribe here in Ottawa, and bridge the gap between our leaders, mentors, and teachers with all those looking to learn and grow. We will connect, learn, and evolve together through monthly events, and facilitated workshops across the city (more on workshops will be announced AT the event) If you are a leader in Ottawa, you could not be here at a more powerful time! Tickets:

FREE for Impact Network tribe-members

$15 early bird (before September 15th)

$20 regular fee Event Speakers:

----- MC & Founders

David Pare + Oliver Wolf

Topic: The Impact Network & The Power Of Mentorship David is the Co-Founder of The Embodied Influencer and The Impact Network and Coach for high-impact driven leaders. ------- Oliver Wolf is a Business Strategist, Sales Coach and Visionary for The Wolf Syndicate and Co-Founder of The Impact Network. ----- Jay Klassen

TOPIC: Accelerating Your Results With Mindfullness From a young boy Jay looked at the world not from what it is but for what it could be, from fixing cars to renovating houses, Jay transforms the world around him to the best that it can be.

Until one day Jay found himself stuck one day sitting in a cubicle asking himself is this as good as it gets? He left a well-paying job in high-tech to follow his passion for home renovations which quickly began to earn close to a million dollars annually, but when life got in the way, his business started to go down big time. Jay went on to hire a business coach to help his business, but after thousands of dollars wasted and none of the strategies he was taught had worked, he still found himself struggling to be happy and fulfilled, and even more stressed. So Jay embarked on a personal development mission to find what makes people happy and successful. He learned that our life vision, beliefs, habits and emotional responses create our reality. When he changed his way of thinking, everything completed changed in his life. Today Jay uses the transformational power of coaching to help create mindful entrepreneurs to multiply their business results. ----- Christina Miller

Topic: Embody your Magic, Grow your Business Christina Miller is the Co founder of The Embodied Influencer and innovator of the Influencer Blueprint, a process that guides new coaches to the answers they need to have laser focus, effortless enrollment, and level up their impact to create a successful business. Starting her entreprenurial journey at the age of 15, she has always been one to jump headfirst into life. She leads her life from a place of courage, magic and love and it shows in the way she helps her clients and works with her partner David Pare. She guides her clients step into the fire; empowering them to embody their magic and expertise to become an Embodied Influencer. ----- Jess Williams

Topic: Creating Wellness Jess williams is the visionary, creator and catalyst to life evolving experiences that revitalize people’s minds, bodies and souls using valuable coaching methods like focused clarity, precision goal setting and actionable steps to creating a better life in all aspects of wellness. Her unique blend of mentality, groundedness, and spirituality combined with her in-depth understanding of health, fitness and personal transformation, creates a phenomenal learning environment to expand awareness, break through plateaus, inspire stellar results, and realize true inner strength. With the belief that permanent growth must happen from the inside out, her purpose on this planet is to help aspiring badasses transform their life from the inside out! ------ Corey Sheikh

Topic: Answering the Question 'Who am I?' Sheikh is a modern spiritual teacher, healer, and new world entrepreneurial visionary. He has one singular mission - to support individuals in the realization of inner peace, limitless creativity, balanced wellness and unconditional love for life & all others. He expresses a vision for a new paradigm of social systems, community centers and businessness that align with his years of study and experience in the fields of consciousness, new paradigm entrepreneurship, non-dual spirituality, meditation, yoga, tantra, energy healing, cellular detoxification & emotional intelligence.



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