Ottawa - Bate Island - Nordic Walking Clinic - Learn the technique ($10)

mar. 25 septembre à 16:30

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Bates Island, Ottawa, Ontario

This is a Nordic Walking Clinic to learn the benefits of Nordic walking, learn how to adjust Nordic Poles, and learn How-to-Nordic Walk.

The clinic includes warm-up and cool down exercises, tips and a cheat sheet to get you started using Nordic Walking as a full body workout. After the class you have the opportunity to ask questions and purchase Nordixx poles. Nordixx poles are provided for the class for free. ~60-90 minutes Everyone is welcome. $10 per person Nordic Pole walking is the fastest growing low-impact with maximum benefits activity in Canada. Nordic Walking burns up to 46% more calories compared to walking.

Increases heart and cardiovascular training up to 22%.

Incorporates 90 % of all body muscles.

Helps to eliminate back, shoulder and neck pain.

Less impact on hip, knee and foot joints.

Increases production of “positive” hormones.

Supports stress management and mental disorders.

Develops upright body posture. Irene Richardson

Certified Nordic Walking Master Instructor

Active Aging Movement Coach ( Canfitpro & CCAA-Western U) events at

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Bates Island, Ottawa, Ontario

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