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Parc des Bastions SA
1204 Genève

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The concept is very simple: Short meditation - setting a clear picture of our dream life - visualizing it and DOING SOCIAL CHALLENGES in order to go out of our comfort zone. I am sure that you know the importance of CRUSHING YOUR COMFORT ZONE. When you do unsual things your brain and your body understand that fears and limiting beliefs are only in our heads. But it is only when we experiment fears that we have the ability to get rid of them :) I am sure you also belive that if we condition our brain to reach goals and dreams we get there! But why don't we do it? Close the eyes and imagine yourself living your dream life. What are the experiences you would love to have? What if you found the lamp and the genius would allow you to have unlimited wishes... How does an amazing life look like for you? Do you have a clear picture of it? Maybe, maybe not. For most of us (me included), we often struggle having a clear vision on how we would like our live to be. We let the current guiding our paths and are hoping that everything is gonna be all right. I don’t know how it is for you, but personally I want to take the control of my destiny. I realized aslo that the main reason why we fail having a purposeful and amazing life is that we are afraid! We are afraid being successful, we are afraid taking necessary actions to reach our goals, we are afraid changing our comfortable daily routine. Fear is everywhere. Take a minute and imagine how your life would be today if fear was not controlling it?

It is hard to start changing by ourselves. We are social animals (love this expression), what if we grow together, what if we imagine this together? From this statement, I have decided to take action by organizing a meetup where people would get together to do the first step for a change. What tools are we gonna use and what is the meetup’s structure? 1. We will start with a quick meditation. Don’t worry if you have never meditated, what we will do is just focusing on the air we inhale and we exhale and when we get distracted in our mind just re-focus on the air. Very basic but It is a nice way to get ideas clear and to be present (scientifically proven).

  1. We will do some games to increase our energy and to crush a bit our comfort zone.

  2. We will all take a piece of paper and a pen and write about what our dream is in various fields.

  3. We will take time to visualize it, I will give you some tips on how to get the most out of it.

  4. We will identify our fears see how we could tackle them.

  5. We do social challenges in the city by group of 3. What a great way to overcome fears in a fun way. This meetup is not academic, It is fun and is a great opportunity to grow together and to get to know people on a deeper level. What do I need to bring ?

  • Good vibes, paper and a pen. That’s it. Where and when is the meetup going to take place ?

  • Parc des Bastions. 14h15. Tram stop Rue Neuve in front of the Parc entrance. We have a place to stay if the weather is bad. Any questions, you do not find us?

  • You can reach me at the following no. [masked]. It is now a year that I am organizing this meetup. I like changing a bit the content and this is a new version :) In order to have updated informations join the FB group !


Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Meetup-Out-of-comfort-zone-Lausanne-Geneve/

Parc des Bastions SA
1204 Genève

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