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Jersey paddle boards
Greenwood Lake
Tuxedo Park

Lets join Jersey Paddleboards for their 5th Annual Greenwood Lake Santa paddle now being called Santapoloozza which every year has been a great time. Bring your Santa or holiday wear and decorate your SUP or Kayak if you like. It’s ok to decorate rented equipment. We will meet at Willow Point Marina, Home of Jersey Paddleboards at 11am and be on the water at 12.

Please have some paddle experience as we can not allow first time paddlers on this day, no exceptions but you can Kayak.

If a staff member observers you are unable to stay with the group during this casual paddle, they will escort you back to the beach so please choose wisely when deciding on what you will take out, paddleboard or Kayak. All paddlers must be able to swim and be in good health. Paddlers under 18 must be accommodated by an adult.

Pets are welcome but must be on a leash when not on the water. Wetsuits, neoprene, or dry suits must me worn by all paddlers to go out in the water. Wet suit booties or work boots(snow booties) are as well a must and gloves w mittens over.

Drone footage will be taken for their yearly holiday card which goes around the world and is featured on many paddle magazine web sights. After the paddle we can enjoy cocktails and a warm beach fire so bring what you like. Your sign up here is for group discussions, car pooling, hotel info and the crazy fun after paddle Santa bar crawl that goes around the northern section of the lake till early morning. This is one of my favorite paddle events of the year. If you have never paddled in the cold weather this is a great way to begin. With proper gear you can be warm in or out of the water. Feel free to ask me any questions about cold water gear/ costume ideas/ board decorating/ and hotels to stay overnight.


Sign up here on meetup if curious or interested in Learning more. Official sign up is w Jersey Paddleboards and our original meetup Organizer Miki Lees is hosting. *Reservations are required by calling Jersey Paddleboards[masked]...please leave a message.

Click the link below for more info on reservations, rentals, and food donations for local kids charity.


Jersey paddle boards
Greenwood Lake

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