First ever RPA Meetup in NYC. There will be speakers and drinks

L'évènement est terminé et sera bientôt supprimé de nos bases de données.

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Workingman's Dead Monthly Electric Jam

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 sam. 20 octobre 2018
 New york (États-Unis)
Oct. 3rd - Tech Start-Ups Networking Party @ WeWork Penn Station

Join us at WeWork Penn Station in NYC for a night of networking with some of the best Entrepreneurs NYC has to offer! Atmosphere: - The dress…

 jeu. 4 octobre 2018
 New york (États-Unis)
Understanding Retail Robotics With Pano Anthos and Ken Pilot

Join us when we explore the technologies that are stopping the retail apocalypse with Pano Anthos of XRC Labs and Ken Pilot of PredictSpring…

 jeu. 18 octobre 2018
 New york (États-Unis)
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Great evening of reading an discussing a beautiful work of art by Tolstoy.

 mar. 23 octobre 2018
 New york (États-Unis)
Women in Agile - New York: Fall Edition

Our hope is to foster a diverse environment where women and men come together to share success stories, challenges, and opportunities. What…

 mer. 17 octobre 2018
 New york (États-Unis)
Read and discuss: The Twelve Chairs

We'll read several pages from my favorite book The Twelve Chairs by Ilf and Petrov, we'll learn new vocabulary and discuss the content. Come…

 mar. 16 octobre 2018
 New york (États-Unis)