"Let Go" Vinyasa Garden Flow

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Prana Mudra Red Bank Sound Healing
Red Bank
Red Bank

Chaque semaine le mercredi

Scott teaches Rodney Yee style alignment VINYASA yoga . This type of yoga essentially means movement synchronized with breath and is a energetic style based on a continuous flow from one yoga posture to the next.

The trademark is the intense focus on the subtleties of each posture.

ALL LEVELS Welcome 🙏 no matter what style of yoga you choose to do, you will likely see improvements in many areas of your health.

PLEASE RSVP ON OUR WEBSITE www.pranamudracenter.com to be confirmed for this event By practicing regularly you can:

increase your flexibility

increase muscle tone and strength

improve your circulatory and cardio health

helps you sleep better

increase your energy levels

improve athletic performance

reduce injuries

detoxify your organs

improve your posture

improves anxiety and depression

helps with chronic pain

release endorphins that improve your mood

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Weekly-sunset-flow/

Prana Mudra Red Bank Sound Healing
Red Bank

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