Two Women after Turgenev (ENG&рус)

sam. 8 septembre à 18:00

MyCowork Beaubourg

A picturesque 2014 adaptation of Turgenev's 1850 play "A Month in the Country", the film features Ralph Fiennes (who is speaking Russian!) and colourful Russian landscapes -- just the way you imagine them reading Turgenev's books. Plot-wise -- without spoiling it for you! -- it's an inquiry into how different people love and what they do to, with and for each other. We may not live in the 19th-century Russian countryside, but are we that different from them? The director and most of the cast are Russian. The film is in Russian with English subtitles. -------- 18 we have a snack and a chat

19.15 we watch the 1h44-long film (in Russian with English subtitles)

21 we discuss the film

22 we clean the space after us and go home Please bring 2 things

-- 9 euros: 5 euros for the rent (we negotiated to have a 90% discount!) and 4 euros for the organisation fees (to cover the meetup fees, the DVD and the efforts organising the event),

-- one dish. It should be big enough to feed 2-3 people (but not bigger). 1 HOMEMADE: A homemade dish, enough to feed 2-3 people

2 HOMEMADE VEGETARIAN: a homemade vegetarian dish

3 VEG: crudites and 2 types of dip (i.e. hummus, guacamole + baby carrots or carrots that you cut thin)

4 BREAD: bread or chips and 2 kinds of spread (i.e. rillettes, tapenade etc)

5 FRUIT: 2-3 types of fruit and chocolate

6 CHEESE: bread and 2 kinds of cheese


8 SWEETS + WINE: 1 cake or tarte or cookies + 1 bottle of red wine

9 PIZZA: 2 pizzas or 4 quiches

10 WINE + LEMONS: 1 bottle of red wine + 5 lemons

11 PAPER: paper plates and napkins

12 CHARCUTERIE: 3 types

13 BITE-SIZE SNACKS: sushi or bouchée à la reine or anything of the kind

14 SALAD + WINE: a salad you made or bought (i.e. tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce etc) + 1 bottle of white wine Please pick one number from the list below and post it in comments. Do not repeat each other! You're welcome to bring Russian-culture-friendly friends if you mark them as your +1. See you!


MyCowork Beaubourg

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