Data Viz Meetup - Talk and Networking

jeu. 23 août à 00:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)


Important Note:

• We are at new location (World Exchange plaza), 3rd Floor, above Food Court.

• Accessible by stairs, elevator and escalator.

• Due to the building's security policy, we request participants to wait in the food court or public area of the building if anyone arrives before 5:45. Agenda: • 6:00 - Pizza, Beer, and Networking • 6:30 - Community Announcements • 6:35 - Talk - Analyzing data with round or spherical shaped visualizations using Karma Pi and other tools by John Gill • 7:30 - End of presentation and wrap up Talk title: Analyzing data with round or spherical shaped visualizations using Karma Pi and other tools. Talk description:

"Karma Pi is a personal python project, my adventures in analysing data, fitting models and data visualisation. In the talk I'll discuss three separate tools in various states of construction, sharing common data and a common theme: spheres.

First, there is a simulation of the FIFA soccer world cup in Russia, which shows teams moving between locations as the games play out.

Next there is a tool that shows climate reanalysis data ( ). The goal there is to fit models to the data that can project current trends. And find ways to distribute the work, knowledge and insights that the models give.

You can find the project here: It also has tools for working with raspberry pi's with various hats such as the astropi. So you can record and study your own data too." Speaker Bio:

"Made in Sheffield, or thereabouts.

Studied mathematics at Warwick University

Then went to work with computers with the government.

Which brought me to Ottawa and a whole new adventure.

This of natural catastrophes, particularly Atlantic hurricanes.

With time in Ireland and round in circles.

With more computers, linux and python.

Now back in Ottawa, third time lucky.

Along the way many adventures." Parking Information: * World Exchange Plaza parking -45 O'Connor Street, Ottawa Parking Lot #9 ($2.50 per ½ hour to a max of $5.00 (6:00pm-6:00am))

  • Street parking available around (please double check the time when they are free)



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