Digital Nomad Networking Party

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Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

ol Shibuya by Oslo Brewing Co.

Chaque semaine les mercredi jusqu'au 18 septembre 2018

Remote work is getting more popular.

Digital nomad population is growing. I traveled in Europe for 6months in 2013 and got paid nice money by client. It was so much fun. I strongly believe digital nomad is ultimate future of work. Famous nomad - Pieter Levels said that there will be 1 billion digital nomads by 2035. This is very futuristic view. As Team AI, we are trying a lot of remote operation.

It is less stress without commuting in crowded train.

It costs less money because we are working at cafe nearby. In order to support digital nomad community, we are kicking off regular networking party to connect nomads & wannabe nomads.

Let's mingle together and build friend ship.

Let's talk about our travel experience around the world. Fee : Free (drinks are from 600JPY - cash on delivery)

Place : OL Brewing Co Ltd. Nomad Resources; Nomadlist Remote OK NomadPass Digital Nomad Guide 2018 Digital Nomad Jobs ========================================================== Host : Team AI The biggest machine learning community in Japan with 5000 members.

We host study group, hackathon, seminar and party everyweek in Shibuya. Founder : Daisuke Ishii 主催;機械学習エンジニアの味方 Team AI (株式会社ジェニオ)


========================================================== 主催情報 : 100万人の機械学習コミュニティを東京に創る Team AI AI・機械学習に特化した人材エージェントTeam AI Career 代表 : 石井 大輔 経歴; 株式会社ジェニオ代表取締役 1975年岡山県生まれ。 京都大学で数学を専攻。伊藤忠商事でファッションの知的財産を使用した事業開発を担当。 ロンドン、ミラノでの駐在を経て、2011年ジェニオを創業。 ファッション通販BUYMAの海外事業開発を受注。 2015年、シリコンバレーの起業家育成組織OneTractionの指導のもと米国で事業推進。 2016年、人工知能開発案件に特化したクラウドソーシングサービスTeam AIを立ち上げる。 =====================================================


ol Shibuya by Oslo Brewing Co.

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