Living Your Life As A Witch 8 Part Series - Part 4

dim. 16 septembre à 21:00

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Tompkins Square Park
New York
New York

Crafting the Witch: Spell Casting & Living Your Life As A Witch 8 Part SERIES This is an intensive 8 part class series on how to live as a Witch in every aspect of your life, with strength, power, wisdom and integrity. Living the life of a Witch 24/7, letting what comes naturally. Learn to communicate with the spirit realms, contacting & honoring your ancestors, make powders, cleansings, tinctures and essences and much much more… Attuning to who you are all while raising your psychic abilities. And learning to use what’s around or indigenous to you, learn to accept all that you are as a Witch. There are so many powerful tools and teachings in these 8 classes, when finished you will know much that will take you through many a lifetime. Time to learn people. These classes may have a booklet if I can finish it in time, if not you will have a lot of writing to do. I would suggest bring a pen and notebook anyways. Class fees covers supplies, booklets or handouts. Some classes needs supplies, some do not, but they are all hands on training. Classes are $65.00 per class when paid individually is $520.00 or all 8 Classes for $500.00 paid in full before or in class, via Cash or Credit/Debit cards.

If paid online please bring your printed receipt with you, or you will have to pay for the class again. Thanks for your interest in these classes and Blessed Be! Crafting of the Witch: Witching For Your Life IV – Your Ancestral Majicks and Allies

• Honoring your Ancestors

• Working with your Ancestral Army of allies

• Honoring yourself as a Witch

• Places that retains and holds great power

• Acquiring and Removing the Power – Choices

In this class you will be learning how to work with your Ancestors in theory and practice in the true sense of the word. We will also be performing an Ancestral Contact / Communicating Ritual. Becoming and creating your best allies. TAKE THE LEAP AND EDUCATE YOURSELF… MEMBERSHIP AT NYC WICCAN FAMILY TEMPLE


Welcome and Blessed Be! TO REGISTER FOR ANY OF THESE CLASSES PLEASE: check the link below. will be selling

Soap base only natural $70.00 for 25lbs.

Lotion Base with Aloe Vera: $28.00 per 1 Gallon

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Tompkins Square Park
New York

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