Blockchain 101 (Instructor Led, In-Person Training) $99

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About this Course

This course is all about introductory blockchain programming and is a pre requisite course for taking part in the Full Blockchain Bootcamp. Gradually build up your knowledge to create your own Ethereum token and trading strategies. Using simple games and real life analogies, we explain how Blockchain is constructed and why it cannot be altered as time passes. Also we will build our own tools to automate the process of gathering and analyzing Crypto contracts and historical data. We will examine and test a couple of Crypto trading strategies, using real world testing networks. Using Python and Solidity, we will build our own crypto data analytics and investment solutions. Even if you have no previous coding experience, our experienced instructors will guide you step by step so by the end of this workshop you would have your own Blockchain program. Each session is followed by 30 minutes free debugging support, for those who would be building their own Blockchain solutions. # Who should take this course:

Anybody interested in Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies. No previous programming or technical knowledge is required. Crypto investors and traders would benefit by understanding the fundamentals and techniques of Blockchain technology. Entrepreneurs and developers who are interested in launching their own contracts or Crypto tokens. You will learn:

  • Blockchain technology and terminology

  • Types of Cryptocurrencies / tokens

  • Tools to gather and analyze data

  • Create trading strategies based on buy/sell signals

  • Ethereum and Solidity

  • How to launch your own contracts and Crypto tokens

  • Build a working Blockchain project # Takeaways:

  • Your token / coin floated on Ethereum Blockchain that you can transfer to anyone

  • Your Trading strategy implemented and the profit loss (Paper trading)

  • Your Python blockchain on Azure Notebook. # Pre-req and preparation:

  • Please bring your laptop.

  • PPT: # About the Speaker:

Shivgan Joshi

Lead Instructor

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Mathmatter Tutoring
Jackson Heights

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