Reiki 1 Workshop

sam. 25 août à 18:00

Reiki et Meditation
Lyon (7th arr)

For those of you who haven't yet learnt Reiki, here is your chance to bring this amazing healing energy into your life on a daily basis. Reiki is probably the easiest broad-spectrum method to improve all aspects of your health and happiness - and since you can learn to be an effective healer in a weekend, it would be a pity not to do that! Why learn Reiki?

Safe, easy to use, gentle but powerful, and readily available to everyone who takes a course, you can use Reiki to improve your health, change your mind and emotions, and even as a personal/spiritual development tool to transform the person you are. Far from the common perception of, "Oh, it's good for relaxing", Reiki is in fact highly effective for a wide range of physical and psychological conditions. Whether you want to free yourself from small everyday problems or overcome major challenges, Reiki could become your "new best friend"!

You can also use it just as effectively on other people, or even on your pets. Why take this course?

For the last few years I've been one of Melbourne's best-known Reiki teachers, and I'm now in the process of moving to Lyon!

My courses are characterised by a highly practical approach designed to give you clarity and confidence, so that you go on to use lots of Reiki in your life. I've been using Reiki since 2000, and teaching all 3 Reiki levels since 2011.

Before that I trained English teachers for 10 years, so ... I like to teach :-) This two-day course gives you plenty of time not only to learn about Reiki, but also to practise practise practise, so that you gain that confidence and clarity!

As an extra advantage, you'll also learn about working with chakras from an expert long-term practitioner (rather than someone who just learnt from the same book as everyone else!) And ... I'm also a big fan of creating Reiki community, and as I'm moving to Lyon in October, learning with me enables you to join in with regular practice sessions and meet other people on the Reiki path. Times: 6-10pm on Saturday 25th [masked] on Sunday 26th August

Venue: 53 rue de la Madeleine, 7th arrondissement

Language: English, with some help available in French

Cost: €150

Maximum: 6 participants


Reiki et Meditation
Lyon (7th arr)

Spiritualité Ésotérisme
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