HackJam Workshop - Reactive Programming: Angular & C#/.Net Core

mar. 11 septembre à 18:30


You must RSVP on https://hackages.io/events/hackages/-LG08kdH-lhsHcCq2jsR/hackjam-workshop-reactive-programming-angular-and-c-net-core The platform to connect with like-minded developers! Our new free and fun HackJam workshop at Foreach will focus on an application written in Angular on the front-end side and in .NET Core on the backend. The goal of the HackJam is to discover how to use these technologies in a professional environment. The Angular application with the focus on HttpClient module and the backend part will be written with ASP.NET Core. Your mission will be to connect both. At the beginning of the evening, you will receive an application with bugs. After fixing these bugs you will be able to add new functionalities to the application. At the end of the evening you will have learned about the following concepts: Reactive Programming with RxJS

Reactive Programming in Angular with HttpClient

Use of Postman to test your services

ASP.NET Core 2+ Web API The evening starts at 18h30 and ends around 21h30-22h00. Foreach offers us a nice space to code, as well as yummy food & drinks to keep you going! Some requirements for the participants: - Bring your own laptop

  • Have a good command in programming

  • Have notions of JavaScript or Node are recommended

  • Have Node.js version 9+ installed

  • Have .NET Core 2+ and .Net Core SDK installed

  • Have .NET Core 2+ supported IDE (e.g. : Visual Studio 2017)

  • Have Git installed

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/javascript-lab-belgium/events/253366625/


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