1st Linnia // ConsenSys // Hackathon!

sam. 25 août à 16:00

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Bushwick Generator

Linnia Protocol (part of ConsenSys) in partnership with Byte Academy will be hosting their first hackathon! Please finish registering here:

https://goo.gl/forms/0I4qxGf7F09nyODm2 Only RSVPing for the Meetup Event does not guarantee spot.


Saturday August 25th:

10:00am: Kickoff! Breakfast

10:30am: Team Overview

11:00am: Protocol Overview

11:30am: Brainstorm ideas around protocol & Ice Breakers

12:00pm: Pitch possible ideas to participants

12:30pm: Choose teams & start hacking

1:00pm: Lunch & hacking

2:00pm: Mentor Feedback

6:00pm: Dinner

7:00pm: Mentor Feedback

10:00pm: Close up for tomorrow Sunday August 26th:

10:00am: Breakfast and hacking

12:00pm: Mentor feedback

1:00pm: Lunch and hacking

3:00pm: Mentor feedback

6:00pm: Dinner

7:00pm: Dapps Presentations and Judging

8:00pm: Celebrations

9:00pm: Wrap it up! What is this you ask?

Linnia Protocol (part of ConsenSys) will be hosting their hackathon! Are you interested in building new types of applications on top of a blockchain? Want to see what the hype is about? Are you interested in cryptocurrencies, Distributed apps and meeting like minded people?Then you are the ideal candidate to join this hackathon! See:


https://linnia.com Why should I care?

Decentralization mean more power over your data, the ability to retain your privacy, true freedom of expression, and greater competition for startups. It means refuting the idea that in order to have any technological progress we must give up our privacy, lower our security, and forgo control. It means:

New possibilities for a new generation of web developers,

New business models for businesses

More choices for users. Love Surveillance capitalism? Cool, AdTech is around. Would like some sort of alternative? Come on by and join us. Freedom and control is easier now more than ever using the Linnia protocol. What is Linnia?

The Linnia Protocol enables users to own and control their data. The protocol flips the script on the current model of the internet where centralized servers own and control your data, limiting the new services and applications that can be created. Using the Linnia.js library you are able to create applications that leverage decentralized data solutions, all without learning a new programming language like Solidity. What will you do?

You'll use the Linnia-box or Linnia.js library to create a web app that can leverages Ethereum, IPFS, and other tools to easily create decentralized data with encryption. This opens the door to applications that can use sensitive data that otherwise would not be available. What will I build?

Whatever you want. The only requirement is that it uses Linnia.js or the Linnia-box (a create react app starter kit). Developers get the advantage of being able to mix and match new forms of data and thus creating new types of app, say in the healthcare sector where privacy is essential. No need to know much about the Blockchain, Solidity, or Ethereum. How will you do it?

Hack together your app using our Linnia.js library that does all the heavy lifting for you. Or use our Linnia-box, a React App preloaded with our Linnia.js library and our Linnia Smart Contracts all in one convenient package. Where?

At Bushwick Generator in the world renowned hip neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Here you will find plenty of iron and irony. How long will it take?

2 days. What's in it for me?

You will find: a community of like-minded people, building something that you’d love to show off on your resume, learn about new technologies in the Web 3.0 space. Also, food, swag, prizes and mentorship from developers at ConsenSys! Whats the food situation looking like?

It won’t be just Pizza guys and gals. Unless you like Roberta’s or RubiRosa’s. Delicious food will be served! Can I bring my crew to work with?

Yup! Shout out to Byte Academy!:


Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/nyc-blockchain-devs/events/253346720/

Bushwick Generator

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