NYC Shut Up & Write Meetup! - Columbus Circle

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Argo Tea and Coffee
New York
New York

Chaque semaine le dimanche

We've planned this now as a weekly meetup, so that everyone in the group can get together even if the moderator can't be there. If Darren can't make it to introduce everyone (he can't this week), could someone please take it upon themselves to 1) stake out the big table a little early, 2) Lead a go-around-the-horn o? introductions at 8pm, and 3) Time the 60 minutes of writing time and let everyone know when it's 9 pm. As always, Please RSVP only if you can make it, and update as soon as possible if your plans change. We have had far too many no-shows. You will see progress in your writing project by spending the minimum of a single hour per week on it. This is your practice/focus time, so I hope to see you there. Join other writers for an hour of focused writing! 7-8 pm - Show up early, stake out a spot and either socialize or get a jump on writing.

8:00 - Start. Introductions, and we'll share what we're working on

8:05 - Get down to business. An hour of silence and solid writing!

9:05- Brief follow up. People are encouraged to share experiences & ideas, network or take off as they like. Feel free to keep writing if you've got the momentum going! Be aware Argo closes at 10pm.

If you're spending too much time THINKING about writing, come and join us for a session of focused writing. It may just be "pipe-cleaning" for now, but you'll feel better showing up at the page. No one will see what you've written or give you unsolicited advice. WHERE: Argo Tea Cafe, Columbus Circle Subway Station. 1792 Broadway. SOME TIPS: Argo has plenty of outlets - we will be on the back, large table.

Seats are hard to come by, and I can only save so many, so please, come on time! If you come late, we might have already started.

The music and occasionally nonmember conversation can be loud, so bring headphones too.

WiFi is available with purchase.

It's a little chilly, so if you get cold bring a sweater.

And it goes without saying that buying a cup of joe or a snack from Argo for being nice enough to host us will bring you good writing karma.

If you aren't sure you can make it, please don't RSVP! Come on time or even a little early, as it can be difficult to save seats.


Argo Tea and Coffee
New York

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