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Veterans Memorial Park

Please join me tonight in Westwood for a free movie in the park "Rudy". Arrive early, this should attract large crowds. Popcorn is provided free as well. So bring your favorite chair, blanket and/or towel, bug spray and sit back and enjoy a free film!

For those using a GPS, you may not get sent to the correct address. The event is located in the gazebo area and is directly behind the Westwood train station. In the event of rain, film will be shown on Friday night. PLOT: Since he was a little boy, Rudy Ruettiger (Sean Astin) has idolized the University of Notre Dame and its football team. However, he is a small boy who will inevitably grow up to be a small man. Not only that, but he is not an outstanding student or even a particularly good athlete. His blue-collar family is convinced that he is only asking for heartache by aspiring so far beyond his abilities. For a while Rudy grudgingly accepts this assessment and goes to work in the local steel mill. His dream just won't die, and he eventually wins admission to the college of his dreams, In his junior year he tries out for the football team, but is able only to serve as a live tackle-dummy. Bruised and battered though he is, he is proud to have any connection with his team. MOVIE TRAILER: Starring Sean Astin as Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger

Ned Beatty Daniel Ruettiger, Sr.

Charles S. Dutton as Fortune

Lily Taylor as Sherry

Robert Prosky as Father John Cavanaugh

Jon Favreau as D-Bob

Vince Vaughn as Jamie O'Hara

Jason Miller as Ara Parseghian

Chelcie Ross as Dan Devine

Music by Jerry Goldsmith

Cinematography by Oliver Wood

Produced by Robert N. Fried and Cary Woods

Written by Angelo Pizzo (Hoosiers, 1986)

Directed by David Anspaugh

116 minutes


Veterans Memorial Park

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