Japanese Traditional Style Casino Meetup in Nakano

jeu. 30 août à 12:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)


Next to Shinjuku, Lets play casino games with traditional Japanese style in Nakano. Game-dealers wear traditional Japanese clothes to produce the atmosphere of Toba (like a casino) that existed in old time(in Edo era)in Japan , and provide casino games and drinks. Basically, the games we offer are Texas Holdem Poker, Baccarat and Blackjack that are well known casino game played in all over the world! If you wish, we also offer traditional Japanese gambling games, such as Japanese dice game (Chohan) and Japanese playing card (Hanafuda). Note: We do not cash the play chips you buy. The play chips don't have any cash value. When such an illegal action happened, you might be punished by law. -When & Time-

25/7/2018 (Monday) 19:00-22:00

Note: It's OK to leave early / join late / come alone! -Play & Drink Fee-

・Male : ¥6000

・Female : ¥3000 Note:

・NOMIHODAI!! You can have as much drink (including alcohol except bottle of beer) as you want in 19:00 - 22:00.

・We serve some snacks.

・If you re-buy, ¥500 for one more chance. -How to make reservation-

Please click the participation button on Meetup page. -Place-

'Pokerface' 2F[masked] Choume Nakano, Nakanoku, Tokyo Recommend to who...

・wants to see the atmosphere of the Japanese traditional Toba.

・wants to see fantastic dealing of a woman gamester.

・wants to play casino games that are played in all over the world and the Japanese traditional gamble game. 新宿の隣、中野にあるポーカーバーで伝統的な日本スタイルでカジノゲームを楽しみましょう!ディーラーは日本の伝統的な服装に身を包み、過去の日本に存在したToba(like a casino)の雰囲気を現代日本に再現し、カジノゲームとお酒を提供します。 基本的に提供するゲームは世界中のカジノにあるテキサスホールデムポーカー、バカラ、ブラックジャックです。ご希望があれば日本の伝統的なギャンブルゲームである丁半や花札も提供しております。 ※あくまでもゲームなのでチップの換金などはできません。 【日時】


※途中参加、途中退出、一人参加も歓迎です! 【料金】





※追加でゲームを遊ぶ場合は+500円の料金が発生します 【予約方法】

Meetupで参加ボタンをクリックして下さい! 【会場】

東京都中野区中野5丁目62-9 2F ポーカーフェイス

JR中野駅北口より徒歩1分 【こんな方にオススメ!】




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