ET Contact Retreat in Fujimi Highland, Nagano Prefecture, September 15-17, 2018

sam. 15 septembre à 06:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Jeunesse Yatsugatake

(日本語訳は英文の後に続きます↓↓↓) ★ Join our CE-5 team for a special two-night contact retreat in scenic Fujimi Highland, located on the western slopes of the Yatsugatake Mountains, Nagano Prefecture. ★ 【LOCATION】

Fujimi-Yatsugatake Highland, Nagano Prefecture (Kobuchizawa JR Station) 【ACCOMMODATION】

Jeunesse Yatsugatake 【ACCOMMODATION FEE】

¥6,370 per person, per night. Includes vegetarian dinner and shared Western-style twin room (2 ~3 people per room) with sofa, TV, Wi-Fi, washroom, toilet, and bathhouse. Please sign up early to hold a spot. This event will be limited to 9 people maximum. NOTE: This is a two-night event. However, participants have the option to attend Saturday night, Sunday night, or BOTH nights. However, new participants MUST attend on Saturday for an orientation/training session. 【CANCELLATION POLICY】

Cancellations are accepted without penalty by September 13. Those who cancel on September 14 by 18:00 (the day before the event) must pay 50% of the total rate. Those who cancel after this time or the day of the event will be obligated to pay the full rate, no exceptions. 【TRANSPORTATION】

Kobuchizawa Station can be reached from the Tokyo area via the JR Chuo Main Line (local or limited express trains). From Kobuchizawa Station, a free shuttle service (15 minutes) will transport the group to Jeunesse Yatsugatake. 【EXPECTATIONS】

We ask that all participants follow a vegetarian diet (no beef, chicken, lamb, pork, fish, or eggs; milk & butter are OK) for a minimum of one week before and during the contact event. A regular meditation practice (twice daily, morning and before bed) during this time is also recommended. 【GENERAL EVENT SCHEDULE】 ••• SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 ••• - 13:00 Meet at Kobuchizawa JR Station / Free shuttle service (if available) to accommodation. If not available, we will take the Hachimaki Resort Bus (¥600 yen, 30 minutes).

  • 13:30 Leave bags at Jeunesse Yatsugatake. Walking tour of Fujimi-Yatsugatake Highland (Flower Village, Creative Forest Sculpture Park, Observatory).

  • 15:00 Check in time.

  • 16:00 ET contact orientation 1 (for new participants)

  • 17:49 Sunset

  • 18:00 Group vegetarian dinner in cafeteria

  • 19:00 ET contact orientation 2 (for everyone) / Bathhouse

  • 21:00 Field work until late ••• SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2018 •••

-07:00 ~ 08:00 OPTIONAL: Vegetarian breakfast in cafeteria for extra fee (must reserve in advance)

-10:00 Check-out for participants leaving today. There is no scheduled group breakfast. Participants are free to relax and enjoy the area. Optional free-time activities include hiking, napping, paragliding, group or solo meditation, hot springs, golf, etc.

  • 17:00 Group meditation

  • 17:48 Sunset

  • 18:00 Group vegetarian dinner in cafeteria

  • 19:00 ET contact orientation (for everyone) / Debriefing session / Bathhouse

  • 21:00 Field work until late ••• MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2018 (Public Holiday) •••

  • 10:00 Check out / Late group breakfast / Debriefing session ~The use or possession of alcohol, drugs or weapons is strictly prohibited during contact events.

ジュネ八ヶ岳 【宿泊費】

ベジタリアン料理の夕食、洋室(2~3名、ツインベッド、エキストラベッド、トイレ付)をシェアー、施設にはソファー、テレビ、Wi-Fi, 浴場、1泊1人¥6,370(税込み)。3部屋予約済。このイベントは最大9名になる予定ですので早めのお申込みをお願いします。 【注】

この催しは2泊のイベントですが、参加者は土曜日からの1泊のみ、日曜日からの1泊のみ、または土日2泊の参加が可能です。初めて参加される方はオリエンテーション&練習のセッションを受けるため、必ず土曜日の参加をお願いいたします。 【キャンセル料金】

無料のキャンセルは9月13日午後6時まで受け付けます。14日午後6時までのキャンセルは料金の50%、当日のキャンセルは理由にかかわらずキャンセル料100%を申しうけます。 【交通手段】

東京エリアからJR中央本線(普通または特急列車)で小淵沢駅へ。小淵沢駅から宿の車でジュネ八ヶ岳宿まで15分(無料)。 【お願い】

最上の結果を得るため、参加者全員にお願いしたいことは、イベント前最低1週間はベジタリアン食(牛肉、鶏肉、ラム肉、豚肉、魚、卵不可、ミルクとバターは可)をとることです。またイベント前1週間、定期的に瞑想(毎日朝と就寝前の2回)することもお勧めします。 ~コンタクト・イベント中のアルコール、ドラッグ、武器の使用および所持は、固く禁じられています。


Jeunesse Yatsugatake

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