Capoeira Fitness & Kicks for Beginners

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For every Beginners!! (未経験者が参加するクラスです) ※日本語は下 Physical Fitness & Kicks/Escapes: This is a physical fitness with elements of Capoeira movement to burn fat, tone and sculpt your entire body. We help you see an improvement your posture and increase your strength in a fun way.

Also, we will learn basic kicks and escapes. Come have fun with us looking and feeling great! Extreme beginners are most welcome!! The class will be taught in English and Japanese. Meetup:

Meeting Time: 10:05 pm

Meeting Spot: In the studio Program:

10:15-10:30 Cardio & Core training

10:30-10:45 Basic Kicks & Escapes

10:45-11:00 Mitt Beating

11:00-11:10 Kicks & Escapes with partner

11:10-11:15 Mini game Fee:

1,000 Yen

*Free for Student What to bring:

Towel, water Clothes:

T-shirts, Long trousers, a pair of shoes (barefoot also acceptable) How to get to the Building:

From Shibuya Station, get out from the "Exit 11", Miyamasu-zaka Gate You will see Karaoke Store on the ground level in front of the Exit 11. Go straight and pass the Karaoke Store and DOUTOR. Then turn right the corner of "LACOSTE", walk up to the hill. Pass through the 82 ALE HOUSE on the right. Pass trough the Seven Eleven on the left. Across the street with no traffic light. You are almost there. Walk straight for 30 Sec. You will see a Bakery on the left. Turn left just before the bakery, and go down the slope. You will see the studio. The B studio is in the middle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ◾︎未経験者・初心者のためのクラス!! 単なる筋トレやエクササイズじゃ続かない 楽しくカラダを動かしてスマートなボディメイクをしたい♪ 音楽に合わせて踊っている間にフィットネス♪ 基本的なキックとエスケープのクラスです。 ◾︎集合時間・場所 10:05

スタジオキャナリー Bスタジオ内で  ( ) ◾︎クラス内容 10:15〜10:30 有酸素運動&コアトレーニング 10:30-10:45 基本キック&エスケープ 10:45-11:00 ミット打ち 11:00-11:10 パートナーとのキック&エスケープ練習 11:10-11:15 ミニゲーム ◾︎持ち物 タオル、水、着替えなど ◾︎服装 Tシャツ、長いジャージズボン、(あれば)室内シューズ ◾︎料金 ・社会人1,000円

・学生無料 その他、不明点、質問ありましたらお気軽にメッセージください。


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