Normandie/Etretat : Séjour découverte du Drone Video semi-Pro DJI Inspire 2

sam. 25 mai 2019 à 08:00

Arc de Triomphe

INTRO Early bird price until Sept. 15th 2018 : 490€

Late sleepy bird price : 590€ All participants will get a 60% rebate on the following similar drone trips that will occur afterwards. (200€ early-bird, 240€ late-bird) Moreover, you will be able to rent our drones at only 100€ per day for your personal use. EVENT DETAILS Dear Photo / Video lovers, Professional video-making drones can be expensive (4k€+ with camera) and moreover, it is forbidden to fly them over Paris ! That's why during this workshop, we will drive to Normandie, in order to practice shooting videos with this high-end model near the Falaises. Given the value of the drone, a deposit will need to be made the day of the workshop. The flying areas will be precisely communicated and in order for you to fully benefit from its possibilities, you will be invited to watch tutorial videos during our 2 hour drive to Normandie. For the participants who wish so :

● Additional sessions will take place

● It will be possible to rent the drone for your personal use. The price of the workshop includes :

● Transportation from Paris Charles de Gaulle Etoile to the spot in Normandie where the drone usage will take place

● 1 hour group training for using the drone

● breakfast, lunch & goûter

● 1 full hour of "personal" use of the drone for each participant.

● 1 hour access to another smaller camera drone (DJI Mavic Pro)

● Access to a DJI Phantom 3 drone. For demos of what these drones are capable of, please see the links below :

● DJI Inspire 2 :

● DJI Mavic Pro :

● DJI Phantom 3 : Disclamer : All participants will be advised to strictly respect regulations (max. flying altitude and authorized areas), and the organizers will immediately suspend the session for people who would not do so (Hopefully that will not happen :-) ). In case the session is cancelled for any reason, 100% of the fees will be refunded to you within 24 hours. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, in French or English, in the comments section ! Have a beautiful aerial day ! I Love Photography organizers. P.S. : the booking prices will barely cover our costs: about 6k€ for the drones + additional batteries + memory cards, 450€ for the transportation & food. We just organize this event for the fun of making aerial videos and sharing those "unaffordable" drones with you ! All members will be asked to provide a copy of their National Identity card + 3 x 1000€ deposits to cover any potential damages on the hardware. In case the weather is really bad, we will keep rescheduling the event as early as we can after the initial day.


Arc de Triomphe

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