Progressive Action Night

mar. 5 mars 2019 à 00:00 — informations

lun. 18 mars 2019 à 23:00 — informations

mar. 2 avril 2019 à 00:00 — informations

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New York
New York

Toutes les 2 semaines, les lundi

Join us for our next Progressive Action Night, our biweekly series of actions, study groups, and trainings supporting grassroots and progressive campaigns and causes! Sign your organization up to use the space: ABOUT THE SERIES

Progressive Action Night, based on Progressive Hack Night (, is meant to systematize, coordinate, and maximize the effectiveness training opportunities and actions for volunteers and organizations looking to mobilize volunteers for the upcoming elections. HOW IT WORKS:

• All groups or volunteers are welcome to attend

• Get a concrete training and then get to work, on your issues or someone else's

• Information and education available about other campaigns and groups

• Meet other volunteers and progressives

• Opportunities for organizations to meet and strategize as well

• Easy on-boarding for first-time participants

• Snacks and drinks offered GOALS

• Offer a clear calendar of opportunities for trainings and on-site actions (textbanks, poster-making, etc.)

• Plug volunteers quickly and efficiently into actions and organizations

• Allow organizers opportunities to meet and strategize •• Come if you're curious! There will be onboarding for anyone new


New York

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