Swimming with Wild Dolphin, BBQ, at South Island Meetup in Tokyo イルカと泳ぐ南の島の海 御藏島

jeu. 13 septembre à 14:00

Fuseau horaire : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Hamamatsucho Station

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Announcement about Dorphin swimming tour on 13th - 15th SEPTEMBER. Please click going button and send us a Message if you would like to join us.We will reply you with Registar form

[masked] We can go to swim with wild Dolphins in Tokyo' Dolphin island for tow days . The island is very old and Traditional small Island.

We will try to book a BUngalow in small island if we can have book . If its not possible to book Bungalow , we will stay at Japanese style hotel. We will take a boat and Wild Dolphin serching around Island,We can try to swim with Dolphin when we find a Dolphin group . soooo many Wild Dolphin are living around Island . Actually Dolphin can play with ppl who love a swimming .so, They will come to swim around ppl if ppl try to swim in the water sea. They love swimming so much.

We can take a lot of photos if you try to swim . We can drink beer any alchol tobring from main Islan of Tokyo.and We will put music and Dance at Bungalow if We could havve a reservation !Have a lot of fun and feel Relaxing momentand feel Real natureat Dolphin Island together We will Stay on the Big Ferry one night and arriving at Wild Dolphin Island and Check in hotel or Bungalow.and Break fast and go to sea! and We will lecture how to Swim and Breath and we can go to meet Wild Dolphin by boat. Lunch time or afternoon 1 time.but If you buy extra boat ticket. you can go many time as you like.

In Evening , We go to the local island bar and Izakaya and we can meet a lot of local island ppl who is very pure and natural ppl. Please pay before RSVP! 2 night 3days.

13th September

21:00 : Pick up at north exit of Hamamatsu-chiyo station


22:30PM : Leaving from Hamamatsu-Chiyo Takeshiba sea port and sleep on the Ferry.

14th September

06:30-7:00AM : Reach to Mikura-Jima island after 8 hours and check in a bungalow.

07:30-8:30AM : Preparation for Snorkeling training and swining and free time.

08:30-9:45AM : training snorkeling for Dolphin swim before.

※Dolfin swim is depend by weather morning or afternoon.

10:30-12:30PM : Get on the boat for Dolphin

13:00- 14:00 : Local foods store or Restaurant for lunch.

14:00 - : Free time

16:00 - 18:00 : BBQ

19:00 - 21:00 : Cooking a curry and Games and fun chat.

21:30-01:00 : Drinking at Local Japanese Izakaya. meet locaal island ppl.

14th September

07:30 - :Break fast and check out.

  • 10:30 : free time and snorkeling up to you.

11:30 : arrive at port

12:30 : leave Island

[masked]:00 : arrive at TAKASHIBA SANBASHI Tokyo We are going to leave from Mikura-Jima island on 12:35pm 16th SEPTEMBER

th September and arriving at Hamamatsu-Chiyo after 8 hours. 【possibility】

・swimming with Wild dolphins one time for several hours.of course you can add more chance to buy extra ticket for boat.

・Meeting Traditional Local ppl at Island Bar izakaya and .

・Drinking BEER and any alchol at Bungalow (in case of successfully booking a Bungalow)

・make a lot of friends Members and Locals


・ one night hotel or bungalow at Dolphin Island

・Trecking in Island if you woulld like to go with Guid. 【Event Fee】

・28,000yen / per person

Including :

dolphin swimming one time by Boat / one night Staying at hotel or Bungalow together / 1time Break fast on 2nd idayn Island / 1 time dinner first day in Island / transporting in Island / lecture swimming and Breath by snorkelling class at sea before the dolphin swim / snorkelling goggle for one day/ Life Jacket when you swimm/music speaker Not include :

•Foods is not including bacically

•Ferry round trip ticket : between Mikura island and Japanese main island (takebashi) is not include

We could have reservation only 8people only !!!

・Swimming Fin Boat between Tokyo takebashi and Mikura island ※Buy a Ferry ticket by yourself (Takeshiba sanbashi - Mikura Island)

Ask us if you have any question . We can help you to buy ticket of boat

http://www.tokaikisen.co.jp/english/ In case of raining We go to Onsen toure in Shizuoka and stay in Bangarrow .eating sea foods. BBQ


Please under stand some times cancel the event if the Ferry cant work in case of hard windy or any weather. 南の島でイルカと泳いで癒されよう⭐︎

イルカと泳いで、シュノーケルをして、音楽 と海でビールのもう2泊3日のツアー。

一人でも参加可能です •日時





http://www.tokaikisen.co.jp/schedule/ 帰り

御蔵島12:35出発→8時間後に東京 竹芝桟橋へ到着

Thank You WelcomeTokyo team

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Hamamatsucho Station

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