Gamers Union RETRO $5 Happy Hour - Games, Trivia + Karaoke

mar. 25 décembre à 23:00 — informations

mar. 8 janvier 2019 à 23:00 — informations

mar. 22 janvier 2019 à 23:00 — informations

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Radio Star Karaoke
New York
New York

Toutes les 2 semaines, les mardi

Our tester event was a huge success! So now were doing it again!

And were going RETRO! Play Dreamcast, Playstation, NES, SNES, Gameboy, TurboGrafix 16, Genesis,32x, Sega CD, Atari, N64,Neo-Geo, PSP and TONS of ARCADE Classics!

Gamecube & Wii will be supported as well but emulation speed varies greatly. That means Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, Sonic, Mario, Metroid, street fighter, Mortal Kombat, Castlevania, TMNT the arcade games! Like events like these? Join the Digital Gamers Union Meetup!



Welcome to the Gamers Union! Where gamers and non gamers can play, meet, greet, sing and experience new technology! Then its $5 well drinks till 8pm! Please tip our amazing bartenders as this is how they make a living! Suggestions are welcome! Bring games you would like to play!

Bring your Nintendo Switches and 3DS!

Bring your VR tech demos!

Bring your favorite Table-Top games!

Or just bring your singing voice for some Karaoke! For those that just want to come and see, there will be demos, trivia and multiplayer games available as well! NOTE: This is a NON-PROFIT event. Admission only goes towards your 2 drinks or food allowing us to use the space for this event! Door Admission $12 Schedule to be announced. Games should be played in even groups, including single player games. Each member will take turns

If games are in progress, add or remove players in teams accordingly.


Changes to scheduled games will be made by hand votes. (ie. More time for Mario Kart) Switch Homebrew! Lakka (Linux + Retroarch) & Atmosphere CFW on site!


Radio Star Karaoke
New York

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