New Beginner Class Starting - Month of August Free! ($160 Value)

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244 Rehearsal Studios NY
New York
New York

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The NYC Guitar Group will be starting a 4-month True Beginner Guitar Class this August through November, Tuesday nights from 8:30-9:30pm in Midtown. This class is for aspiring guitarists who have no knowledge or experience with the guitar, and who want a high-impact, fast-growing class to get you playing music quickly and proficiently. All Guitarists who want to take their playing on to intermediate and advanced levels MUST join this class. Absolutely no experience is needed to join this class. After completing this class you are going to be a pro at the basics of guitar, able to play songs, and have a strong foundation of music theory. SPECIAL OFFER:

Sign-up for this class, and get the first month of August free - $160 value. Tuition for the last three months will be $40/class which equates to about $160/month. CLASS VIDEOS:

Every class will be filmed, and a private YouTube link will be sent to the class in case you have to miss class. Watch, or re-watch from the convenience of your home. TOPICS COVERED:

• Learning & Mastering All Foundational Chords

• Rhythm Concepts (Essential to Any Good Guitarist)

• Basics of Fingerpicking

• Song Playing

• Songwriting Concepts

• Introduction to Bar Chords

• Introduction to Practical Music Theory

• Introduction to Guitar Soloing (Basic Scales)

• And Much More! RSVP to let us know you're interested or joining this class. Email [masked] if you have any questions about this class. YOUR FUTURE INSTRUCTOR: Beau Lee has been a professional guitar player, studio musician, and guitar teacher for 18 years, and has two decades of experience in songwriting, touring, and fronting bands. He has started and owned multiple music lesson studios around the country, and currently the President and Owner of the NYC Guitar Group - a MeetUp group with over 5,000 guitarist-musicians. Music is not a job for Beau — it's a passion that started at age 14 and never died out. Learn more about private lessons with Beau here: Or, check out this video and he'll teach you the best beginner guitar rhythm - ever:


244 Rehearsal Studios NY
New York

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